This is Enrico Donaruma´s 562nd attempt at writing an artist statement.

Enrico Donaruma will not write an artist statement in the 3rd person.

Ultimately I try to put everything I am and ever was into every piece of art I have ever made. Honestly I have no words for this. What is left on the canvas is when I have nothing left to say. A painting for me is slow to make. It might take me a year, searching for meaning. I read books, I watch movies and TV. I live life and travel somewhere new. I eat and cook. I work out and I work and work at jobs that only pay my bills so I can have the life experiences and the financial capital necessary to stay alive and make more artwork.

Once a very good artist told me “You can’t put the whole world in a painting” but I have. I have put my whole world in every one of my paintings. I don’t expect anyone else to see it. I ask nothing of my viewers. I want to tell them nothing. The talking is finished.

I expect you to find what they are looking for in my work.  

Birthday Snakes by Enrico Donaruma


Enrico Donaruma graduated from Parsons school of design in 2001. He spent years trying to balance painting and his million different day jobs and career projects which were sometimes follies. He received an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2017. He has no meaningful exhibition history to share. He just keeps painting.


Cupcake Snake by Enrico Donaruma
Snakes and Cakes Detail
The Garden of the Nile Detail
Early Worms by Enrico Donaruma
Snakes and Cakes by Enrico Donaruma