I’m half English and half Norwegian and paint from home in Surrey. I have a Double Honours in Art History and Scandinavian Studies. but consider myself, self-taught, my ‘art’ education based on 8 years of intensive searching for art during my days as worldwide cabin crew for British Airways. I've been exhibiting and selling my artwork for 20 years, after being taken on with New British Artists’ ‘wild card’ for the London Art Fair. In 2019 I won the Liberty Open Call with my painting ‘Graffiti Summer' which was transformed into an iconic Liberty fabric print, documented within their historical archives. The BBC documentary 'One Day That Changed My Life', followed my painting process and artist journey. In 2021 my designs were published in, 'The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design.' By Alex Russell.

To date my artwork has been featured in Create! Magazine, Art Seen, Sew, Homes and Antiques, Artbox, Absolutely London, Canary Wharf City Life and Public Art Magazine Korea.

Since 2020 I have had my artwork in multiple group shows, a solo show in Gresham Street and have collaborated with Haus of Paint, Background Bob, WW1 Curates, The Unity Art Project and published a podcast, Art Seeker Stories

Fresh Citrus, Pine Night by Emma Hill


My abstract paintings are raw, expressive and contemporary, blurring the lines between impressionism and graffiti.
My painting explores memories and experiences of nature, of the sky, sea, and landscape. Instead of traditional methods of recording by recognition, colour and texture document my senses. The energy of my mark-making expresses my emotions, feelings and memories, held within a place and time. In grasping the true essence of experience, I create my own visual language as an abstract landscape.

My creative process is intuitive, spontaneous, expressive and emotionally charged. Each picture starts with a single brush stroke, initiating a conversation. A streak of turquoise leaps over a zig-zag spectrum. Parchment and lilac play with striking fluorescents. Prussian blue drips pouring like rain, while brilliant white miniature dots light up the sky like stars. Paint is thrown wide and poured tight, meandering and flowing, determining our journey in life.
My artwork aims to create paintings to dream into, inspiring hope and happiness.


Bloom after the Storm I by Emma Hill
Bloom after the Storm II by Emma Hill
Dancing the blues by Emma Hill
Her Dance was on Fire, Etched in the Monsoon Rain by Emma Hill
Hot Summer’s Serenade by Emma Hill
Red April Showers by Emma Hill
Beat of a Butterfly Wing by Emma Hill