Series Unveiled: A Deliberate Exploration of Artistic Evolution

Crafting a series of paintings demands a strategic pursuit of coherence. Amidst diverse curatorial strategies, one stands out—an approach rooted in the concept of "repeating difference." This method underscores the significance of the evolving traits across the series, setting the stage for an engaging narrative.

Conventional series commence with a seminal piece that imparts unchanging traits to subsequent works. However, this fixation on permanence often stifles the potential for variation, an essential ingredient in forging a compelling series. Instead, I advocate for a perspective that meticulously observes how traits evolve and transform, shaping the series' distinct identity.

This ideology materializes in my work through an exploration of varied themes.

Exploration of Colour and Depth Central to this series is a deep dive into the enigmatic realm of water surfaces. Departing from conventional landscape depictions, I explore compositions that transcend traditional boundaries. This departure yields unexpected depths, where unconventional positions within the frame interplay with depths, inviting viewers to engage with novel visual perspectives.

Study of Structure and Light The forthcoming series embarks on an odyssey of light's diverse manifestations within landscapes. Merging the classical sfumato technique with vibrant colorism, I aim to craft an artificial light that operates independently from the subject's inherent illumination. This departure from strict realism introduces a dynamic artistic dimension, merging techniques in pursuit of a collage-inspired approach.

Examination of Form At the core of this series lies the interplay between painted form and the form emerging through the act of creation. A still life undergoes a transformation, shifting from latent inspiration to a subject of study and manipulation. This transformative journey forms the crux of exploration, as I probe the manifold possibilities within this artistic metamorphosis.

Study of Motifs The dynamic interplay between sculpture and painting catalyzes the creative process, each medium enriching and influencing the other. This series delves into the symbiotic relationship between motive and painting—a synergy where each work begets the next, orchestrating a captivating sequence of differences. The culmination of one painting shapes the trajectory of the subsequent still life, casting a significant influence on the series' progression.

In sum, "repeating difference" serves as the linchpin of this artistic endeavor—a concept that charts the dynamic evolution of traits, the nuanced interplay of light, and the transformative voyage of form. I invite you to explore a series that speaks to the evolving essence of art, forging a tangible connection between artist, art, and audience.

Clara by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Original Art by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Field by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Havana by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Trees are Leaves by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Noon by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Pier by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica
Vase by Duga Bobanović-Sikirica