Discover how to curate exhibitions and diversify your revenue streams while honing your leadership skills in the art business.

In 2010, I was a financially struggling college student with no curatorial aspirations. However, I landed a job at a student-run gallery, Eckhaus, where I gained valuable experience in event organizing, exhibition set-up, and management. I thank God every day for this opportunity because it changed my life.

As I spent more time working at the gallery, I stumbled upon new opportunities and fresh ideas. With the help of my college professor, Rose DeSiano, we co-created our first juried photography exhibition. We even invited artists from across the country to participate.

Before this project, I had never even submitted my own artwork to an exhibition. However, we navigated the entire process together, from the open call listing to the shipping instructions for artists, show hanging, and reception hosting. The show was a great experience and planted seeds for future events.

Little did I know that this experience would eventually prove to be a crucial stepping stone for my art career.

Are you curious how you can become a curator and add a revenue stream and elevate your leadership in your art business?

Want to step behind the scenes and learn how to create open calls, juried opportunities, and more? You can apply the knowledge I’m sharing to any in-person or virtual event, whether it’s part of your business plan or a one-time experience.

Join London curator Gita Joshi and me in the Your Own Art Show Program on May 26, 2023, at 10:00 am and learn how to create your own exhibition, whether you are an artist or an inspiring curator.

Our 64 students have already had multiple shows either for their own work or as part of their gallery as a result of this program, and we can’t wait for you to elevate your art career with us!

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From the Pages 2 at Paradigm Gallery 2020
From the Pages 2 at Paradigm Gallery 2020
Main Line Art Center 2017 Juried Exhibition Curated by Ekaterina Popova

Eckhaus Gallery, 2010, Work by Elena Andrei
Eckhaus Gallery 2010, Work by Elena Andrei