Contemporary collage art has become an exciting and engaging medium that appeals to a wide range of artists and collectors. Collagists experiment with different materials, techniques, and concepts, from traditional cut-and-paste compositions to digital collages. We, in partnership with Wilder Collage, have compiled a list of 20 collage artists whose work is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. Come along with us as we explore the world of contemporary collage art and discover its importance in the art world today.

1. Jessa Dupuis (@jessadupuis)

Collage by Jessa Dupuis

2. ia Llamozas (@iallamozas)

Collage by ia Llamozas

3. Marcus Dawson (@marcusdspeaks)

Collage by Marcus Dawson

4. Jenny Lloyd (@jennyariane)

Collage by Jenny Lloyd

5. Haunani Hess (@hhvastudio)

Collage by Haunani Hess

6. Amanda Petrozinni (@owlcatcollage)

Collage by Amanda Petrozinni

7. Aaron Marin (@aaron__marin__)

Collage by Aaron Marin

8. Felicia Dadak (@feliciadadak)

Collage by Felicia Dadak

9. B. Sterling (@bsterling__)

Collage by B. Sterling

10. allison anne (@allisonannecollage)

Collage by allison anne

11. Max-o-matic (@maxomatic)

Collage by Max-o-matic

12. Nancey B. Price (@nanceybprice)

Collage by Nancey B. Price

13. Patti Robinson (@pattirobinsonart)

Collage by Patricia A. Robinson

14. Deborah E. Roberts (@rdeborah191)

Collage by Deborah E. Roberts

15. Charly Bellanger (@ottopodus)

Collage by Charly Bellanger

16. Kellette Elliott (@kelletteworks)

Collage by Kellette Elliott

17. Marcia Conlon (@mixedmedia_marcia)

Collage by Marcia Conlon

18. Amber Janay (@ambers_innerworld)

Collage by Amber Janay

19. Kim Hamburg (@gluepaperscissors_)

Kim Hamburg

20. Jessica Whittingham (@jessicawxart)

These artists have distinct styles and techniques in creating collages, which make their work captivating and motivating. Regardless if you prefer traditional cut-and-paste or unconventional digital collages, there is something that will catch your interest. You can take a look at their Instagram profiles and websites to witness a vibrant display of colors, textures, and originality. Have fun with your collaging! 

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