As a native of Israel, I grew up in a Kibbutz, a cooperative community based on agriculture. I moved with my husband to the US in 1992, to North Carolina. During my time there, I created art as a self-taught artist, before I became a fulltime student at UNC Chapel Hill. In the summer of 2006, I moved with my family to Philadelphia. I earned my BFA with honors from the University of The Arts in 2008, and in 2011 I graduated from the MFA program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After earning my MFA, I decided to devote myself to making art as an independent artist, which I am currently doing. In 2016, I moved, yet again, to New Haven. After a year of sharing my time between making art in my studio at the Erector Square, and working at Yale art Gallery in the program department, I am now back to solely making art in my studio.

Divest by Dganit Zauberman


Memories, intuitive process and curiosity drive my work. In my work, I am searching for what is felt and is tangible, along with the intangible. Pulling from a reservoir of everyday life experience, memories and imagination, I intuitively construct a “place”— a landscaped resemblance that aims to present an idea of land that is composed of multiple layers; land/paint that encompasses history, geology, what is remembered, and felt. The idea focuses not only on land’s physical “being” — the form, texture, and smell, along with the process by which it forms, moves and erodes—but also land as a source of emotional and psychological mood.

At the end by Dganit Zauberman
Burst by Dganit Zauberman
Dawn or Dusk by Dganit Zauberman
Divest by Dganit Zauberman
Elevated by Dganit Zauberman
I don't know clouds at all by Dganit Zauberman