Dave has worked in the design industry for 27 years, gaining experience in print, digital and brand design. As an accomplished designer, he is passionate about advancing the strategic value of smart design. That knowledge and drive has been earned within the publishing world, tech startups, and design studios.

He earned a BFA in Visual Communication at Texas State University at San Marcos. Dave has been published for his logo design work in the Print Regional Annual and Logo Lounge publications. Dave is a key collaborator and core team member of African American Graphic Designers (AAGD).
In addition to his design career, he is also an emerging artist who has exhibited deeply personal work since 2015. And it’s not an either-or situation as Dave will happily continue to pursue challenging creative outlets of all sorts.

"Emphasis" by David McClinton


I began exhibiting my personal work in 2015. Combining my love of photography, art and graphic design I strive to create works that speak to the viewer by communicating a personal perspective of Black Culture. Progressing from provocation toward empathetic engagement, my work holds at its center a desire to represent a human experience.

In the African American community, we are rediscovering a narrative that has not been fully illustrated. The way the constant aggression and indignities transform us on a daily basis. It’s the job of visual communicators to review historical information and inform the community by bringing these concepts to life and help visually define our collective story. Providing imagery and space for stories about the strengths and trials of the African-American community is a big part of my motivation.

"Explain It To Me" by David McClinton
"Heavy" by David McClinton
"Residual Also" David McClinton