Create! Magazine is pleased to share the announcement of a forthcoming two-person exhibition "Crossing Continents: Women of South Asia and Africa". This exciting show will feature visual artist Abu Mwenye and Piya Samant.

About the artists:

Abu Mwenye: If you asked Abu Mwenye about what inspires his many diverse paintings, the journey would begin in his native Tanzania. As a young child, Abu can remember being distracted from his homework by his Uncle, who possessed skills in art. In fact, there were also members of Abu’s immediate family, his mother Rita, whose artistic talents also cultivated his interest. Supported and encouraged by his family, Abu began to study and create art. Kanga patterns, Masai warriors, chungu, and shanga (beads) are just some of the images that can be seen in Mwenye’s work. The deep connection the artist feels to his homeland can clearly be felt.

Swirling colors and shapes are just some of the things you will find the Mwenye’s abstract artworks. As these works are viewed many things can be found, some based in reality and some from the imagination. The question is what will you see? As an up and coming Worcester artist, Mwenye’s work can also be seen in multiple locations; the Former Worcester African Cultural Center on Canterbury St., Mwenye was responsible for the creation and execution of the mural on the exterior of the W.A.C.C.

Piya Samant: Born and raised in India, Piya Samant now lives and paints in the awe-inspiring New England region, USA. After pursuing a career in Technology, she picked up the brush again in 2014 and commenced her full-time art practice.

Piya’s paintings are characterized by colorful, light-filled canvases in a painterly style. Her work is exhibited in museums and galleries across USA. As a self-taught artist, Piya has learned art techniques by observing artworks of Master artists. She is represented by PXPContemporary and ArtsPlus galleries.

In 2022, Piya received a WCC/ Mass Cultural State grant to further her painting endeavors.

Join the artists at the opening reception:

When: Thursday, April 4th

Where: Gallery 1832, LabCentral 238 Main St, Cambridge, MA

The artists wish to thank Shazia Mir for the invitation to exhibit at LabCentral.


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