Brandi Milne

This Halloween, we're sharing creepy and wonderful art that will be sure to get you in the spirit of the season. This selection represents both established and emerging contemporary artists that inspire our community. So get your warm drink, cozy blanket, and put on your favorite horror movie as you enjoy this list.

At Create Magazine, our goal is to introduce you to incredible new artists and creatives to inspire you, whether you are a fellow maker or collector.

We hope you send us your suggestion for next year's list so we can keep discovering new emerging talent in the visual arts and keep the spirit of Halloween alive in our community!

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Creepy and Wonderful Halloween Art That is Sure to Frighten You

1. Alesandra Waliszewska

2. Jen Ena

3. Brandi Milne

4. Chris Mars

5. Casey Weldon

6. Lillian Valerie Vargyas

7. Ericka Sobrack

8. Mariusz Lewandowski

9. Angela Deane

10. Carylann Loeppky

11. Brett Manning

12. Spooky Cutes

13. Claira Heitzenrater

14. Rebecca Chaperon

15. Vanessa Valenzuela

16. Charles Clary

17. Caylin Jayde

18. Gabeaux

19. Mab Graves

20. Sarah Renzi Sanders

21. Christopher McKenney

22. Celena Peet

23. Colleen Critcher

24. Lisa Britton

25. Mad Mitten Design

26. Valerie Auersperg

27. Audra Olivia

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