Welcome to Create! Magazine's Summer 2021 Edition.

Dive into a refreshing summer edition and enjoy in-depth discussions with Agathe Bouton, Alexa Meade, Kristen Reichert, Oh de Laval, and articles focused on the future of the art world and helpful career tips to succeed for emerging contemporary artists.


The Road ‘Less’ and ‘Most’ Traveled: a Profile on Artist and Printmaker Agathe Bouton by Zoë Goetzmann

Portraits Unfolding, An Interview with Kristen Reichert by Christina Nafziger

Diving into The World of NFT Art with Artist Alexa Meade by Zoë Goetzmann

A Modern Twist on Rococo Painting Lavish Excess with Oh de Laval by Christina Nafziger

What do Women Artists Need from the Art World Right Now? by Christina Nafziger

Career in Focus Hindsight by Christina Nafziger and Alicia Puig

Who Wants To Buy My Art? Eight Ways To Find Collectors By Alicia Puig

We are also thrilled to feature a juried selection of artists by Sasha-Loriene

Sasha-Loriene is a Maryland based contemporary artist who captures her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art practice is to tell a story and create a personal experience that encourages viewer introspection. Sasha-Loriene uses bold colors, shapes, and subject matter to highlight the human experience and the intersectionality between identity (who we are externally), self (who we are internally), and purpose (who we are intrinsically).

As the founder of Mahyue Studios, a creative agency dedicated to the studio practice and inner child healing of artists, Sasha-Loriene channels her own self-discovery, whimsical method of storytelling, and gravity towards safe spaces to liberate others to do the same. Additionally, she catalogues and curates a community and directory of Black woman artists,
BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT®, to further communicate her artistic voice on a larger scale. In bridging together identity, self, and purpose, Sasha-Loriene aims to be the change she wants to see, including cultivating the communities she needed throughout her life.

Selected Artists

Viktoria Andreeva Laurence Antony Adi Avidani Stina Baudin Adrienne Brown Alexis Childress Elliot Clausen Shiloah Coley Andrea De Luigi Samuel Dunson Amelia Galgon Vera Gierke Tiffani Glenn Heather Hauptman Erica Holloway Jake Johnson Destiny Kirumira Gunther Kleinert Janelle Krone Musa Kunene Krystle Lemonias Andrea Lewicki Vita Litvak Caroline Liu Metra Mitchell Mary Payton Tini Pinto Amy Dos Santos Karina Serapio Ana Sneeringer Aisha Tanner Leah Thompson Ana Sophia Tristan Aaron Troyer Kay Tur



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