Water—a source of inspiration, a force to fuel our creativity, and a natural element that flows through every person’s experience on this planet. Whether it’s the playful summer vacation splashing in the waves, the serene view of a local lake to help us recharge, or the simple act of cleansing our tools, water holds an irreplaceable space in our lives.

And yes, who can forget those silly moments when our paint water and morning coffee seemed to switch roles? The unintentional dips of paintbrushes into a cup of morning coffee, creating a mosaic of unexpected memories and hearty laughs.

The Allure of Water

The allure of water calls to us in myriad ways—from the revitalizing dips of summer swims to the calming, warm end-of-day shower that washes away the day’s worries. Even our plein air sketches are often fueled by this element, with the fluidity of water bringing life and motion to each piece.

Celebrating the Facets of Water

In this issue, we delve deep into the diverse facets of water, illustrating its power and grace through interviews, articles, and artist highlights.

Experience the depths of Adam Hall’s canvases, where water is more than just a background but a central character in the story of each painting. Erika Lee Sears invites us into intimate spaces of self-care with her playful and nurturing depictions of showers and bathtubs, encouraging us to embrace the joy and tranquility that water brings.

Let Michele Mozzone take you on a sun-drenched journey to a nearby pool with paintings that pulsate with vivid colors and dancing light, immersing you in the epitome of summer bliss.

Conversations with Trailblazers

Christina Nafziger brings us into engaging dialogues with trailblazer artists who merge creativity with compelling narratives. Explore the fascinating worlds created by Tracy Piper, where abstract realism weaves seamlessly with bold social commentary.

Venture into Andrea Chung’s underwater mythological sanctuaries, inspired by the deep-sea narrative of Drexciya, offering a space for reflection and wonder. Experience the duality of beauty and foreboding in Sophie Adair’s ocean-inspired canvases, artfully presented through Alicia Puig’s insights.

Celebrating Fresh Perspectives

This issue honors the talented artists selected by visionary co-founders Daricia Mia DeMarr and Lauren Jackson Harris of Black Women in Visual Art. Celebrating fresh perspectives and new talent, our pages come alive with a rich tapestry of experiences, connecting us through the universal theme of water.

Join the Conversation

As you immerse yourself in this water-inspired journey, we invite you to join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on your favorite social platform. Reflect on the profound influence of water in your life and art—a theme that connects us all in the grand tapestry of human experience.

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Artists Selected by Curators Black Women in Visual Art

  • Abiola Adejare
  • Heather Allison
  • Ariel Dannielle
  • Gail Butters Cohen
  • Amber Janay Cooper
  • S. Erin Batiste
  • Adana Tillman
  • Marcela Montemayor
  • Joanna Pilarczyk
  • Jordan A. Porter-Woodruff
  • Lucy Pike
  • Michele Pierson
  • Charles Mason III
  • Lillian Aguinaga
  • Mary Catherine Lowery
  • Isabel Lu
  • James Robert Morrison
  • Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert Jr.
  • Nicole James
  • Mark Engel
  • Marryam Moma
  • Siran Liu
  • La Línea El Cuerpo (Jorge Tejeda)
  • Louise Rieger
  • Sonia Redfern
  • Tamar Segev
  • Emanuela I Harris Sintamarian
  • Jessica Worrall
  • Allison Hudson