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Enjoy in-depth discussions with Brock DeBoer, Cooper, Keight MacLean, Tania Marmolejo Andersson, and Timothy Gatenby, along with articles focused on the future of the art world and helpful career tips to achieve success.

Grittiness & Gold: Interview with Ceramic Artist Brock DeBoer by Alicia Puig

The Electric Buzz of Interior Life: Interview with Cooper by Christina Nafziger

Who’s That Lady? Keight MacLean Reimagines the Identities of Forgotten Women Through Contemporary Portraiture by Alicia Puig

Mirrored Feelings: Provoking Emotion & Curiosity in Paintings by Tania Marmolejo Andersson by Alicia Puig

Blurring the Recognizable: Interview with Tim Gatenby by Alicia Puig

Career in Focus: Business of Art Tips

Digital Art and Duchamp’s Fountain: How Reflections of Society Spur the Biggest Controversies by Tam Gryn

Curated Section, Artists Selected by Guest Curators TAX Collection

The TAX Collection was created in 2015 by Max Berman and Tanner Steslow out of a spirit of recognition for emerging artists and a new generation of creatives working across digital and physical mediums. The TAX Collection is a multimodal creative platform aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within artist-audience and producer-consumer relationships. Culture stagnates around specific icons and imagery for no apparent reason; it simply just does. The general public has been duped, allowing them selves to be misled into subscribing to industry set standards and trends. trends dominate consumer desire and, in turn, creators and artists are tailored to design what the consumer considers trendy - stifling artistic freedom of expression.

Featured Artists:

Ali Alamdar

Koko Alexander

Filipe Assuncao

Hamish Bassett

Kimberly Blackstock

Thomas Cameron

Candace Ceslow

Jennifer Cronin

Yvadney Davis

Hannah Duggan

Jade Dyamond

Elisa Franceschi

Celine Gabrielle

Mattia Guarnera-maccarthy

Hayden Hall

Katty Huertas

Jodi Kitto-ward

Sammy Koh

Karolina Koliopoulou

Hannah Lee

Andrew Buckner Lyman

Karen Marston

Chris Minard

Sebastian Riffo. Montenegro

Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka

Madison Hope Reid

Alexandra Rubinstein

Roxanne Sauriol

Susan Schmidt

Nuno Serrão

Mayu Shiomi

Marianne Sung

Frank Trocino

Andy Vible

Zhaozhao Wang

Amy Yoshitsu

Alina Zamanova