Emma Hill is an abstract artist working in acrylics, exploring the joy of color and capturing the beauty of the wild and the hidden patterns within the seemingly mundane aspects of nature.

Emma's paintings are intuitive, raw, and self-expressive, blurring the lines between impressionism and graffiti. Instead of adhering to traditional methods of representation, her use of color and texture serves as a documentation of her emotions, preserving memories of specific moments in time and place.

Based in Woking, Emma has traveled globally in search of new art styles, been exhibited around the world, led corporate artistic projects for Arthouse Unlimited, and was named one of Liberty’s Open Call Winners in 2019. She works intuitively, delving into the realm of emotions through color.

Drawing inspiration from all her senses, Emma's paintings take form as vibrant spectrums of color, embodying the seven Chakras in a magical dance. Central to her creative process are her daily early morning walks through the local woods and fields, which serve as a wellspring of inspiration and infuse her paintings with organic beauty. She describes her paintings as inner maps, landscapes of the soul, doorways to a higher self.

Meet the Artist:

Join Emma Hill on Saturday, December 16, 2023, from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM to engage in conversations about art, color, and the spirit of Christmas!

In her own words, Emma says, "My paintings are about feeling. They are maps, inner landscapes of light, color, and energy, vibrating on a higher frequency, sharing love and joy, uniting and connecting. They are a dance of differences, with swoops and swaths of color flowing rhythmically, like the highs and lows of a zigzag. They represent our hearts beating, excited and alive, the connection between mind, body, and soul."

Artist Statement:

"My paintings are an exploration of the realm of emotions through color. I draw from all my senses, and my paintings take shape as spectrums of color embodying the seven Chakras in a magical dance. Brushstrokes become paths expressed and explored, harmoniously flowing in swathes of vibrant and subdued colors, swirling to the rhythmic highs and lows of zigzagging. It is my heart beating, excited and connected, my soul experiencing and expressing physical life.

Central to my creative process are daily early morning walks through my local woods and fields, which serve as a wellspring of inspiration, infusing my paintings with organic beauty. Walking recharges me, providing grounding and a deep sense of connection where I process my thoughts and visualize, expanding my mind, sparking ideas to be nurtured and grown.

Creativity is a profound act for me. The transformation of nothing into something tangible. Working intuitively, I feel my way, trusting the process. Beyond brushstrokes, paths beckon exploration, uncovering the intricate landscape of the soul and the interconnected threads of universal consciousness that bind us together.

My paintings are internal maps, doorways to a higher self."

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Exhibition website: https://www.thelightbox.org.uk/emma-hill-colourscapes

Artist website: https://www.emmahill.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emma.hill_art/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@emmahillart