Joanna Pilarczyk is a contemporary figurative artist and art educator living and working in London, UK. She began painting at age of five and developed her artistic skills during 10 years of studying Art at both: Art College and University in Zielona Gora, Poland. She obtained her MA degree in Fine Art Education with Diploma from Portraiture in oil painting in 2008.
Joanna's recent paintings from ‘Intimate Times’ series were created during time of isolation.
In her colourfully decorated flat filled with plants, and isolated from family and friends, her surroundings and her partner became her only world, more intensely experienced and observed than ever before. Her heightened observations led to the creation of these paintings - ordinary but touching intimate scenes of their everyday life enveloped by light, colour, patterns and textures of their shared home-cum-studio- the other character in her paintings.
Joanna has exhibited in Poland, and since moving to UK has continued to show her work in over 20 exhibitions at the galleries in London. Her paintings have been featured in numerous private collections.

What is one thing you’d like our readers to know about you?

I am an optimist who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses, but I am also interested in the dark side of the human mind. As a hobbyist, I study criminology and forensic psychology. As an artist, I am seeking the beauty in people. I choose to capture simple scenes of everyday life rendered in vibrant, clear colors and positive atmospheres of relaxation. The creative process of painting balances my state of mind.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is people. Not only my friends or family members, but also those who I see on the streets or meet in my neighborhood. I think that there is nothing more interesting and beautiful than a human face with a hidden story behind it. I am also fascinated by the beauty of the human body. The other very important source of inspiration for me is nature, I love to observe constantly changing light, vibrant colors, and textures around me.

Why do you create and how has your art practice affected your life?

It never was a question of 'why'. Since I was a child, I heard everyone saying that I was born with a talent. Drawing and painting always felt very natural to me. I was a 'shy' child who played only with my twin sister, so making art made me feel comfortable and adventurous. I knew then that I wanted to be an artist and to help others to find creativity within themselves. My parents and teachers supported my choice and I went to art college when I was 15. Then, I went to study for an MA in Art Education. Creativity, every day painting, and teaching art techniques are the reason why I wake up every day. My goal is to paint and learn more about myself, discover new abilities, and be surrounded by other inspiring artists. Creativity makes me feel happy and complete.