Bowe_-_Central_Park_Table_Runner_-_2018_and_ongoing_-_French_Knots_-_70_in_x_30_in (1).jpg

Artist Statement:

I'm a self-taught embroidery artist with a MA in Environmental Conservation Education, and I'm a fighter. Each of my pieces is inspired by the natural environment, and our place in it, and while I educate on difficult subjects like climate change, I am a positive person. I endeavor to share my inspiration and my motivation. My vision and my social activism is strongly influenced by my experience traveling the globe, and my identity as a global citizen, as well as a history of overcoming obstacles - first abuse in my family, and later abuse from a partner. That partner hurt me enough that I started sewing after the break up, in 2018, just to escape. Now, I try to take people with me as I explore real and imaged landscapes, and campaign for the first food garden in Central Park. My two big tapestries will be complete in the next year, and any media coverage I can get now would directly translate into momentum for social causes the impact all of us.


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Bowe_Emerald_Necklace_Tapestry_2021_Embroidery_60in_x_32in (1).jpg