Create! Magazine is pleased to share the announcement of artist Cj Hendry’s historic church renovation for her first London solo exhibition "Epilogue". Ten tonnes of recyclable white flower petal confetti will fall from the ceiling over Ten days for this interactive immersive show featuring a new series of the artist's hyperrealistic drawings. She will also be releasing sculpture and embossed paper editions as well as a selection of NFTs.

An architecture school dropout, Australian born artist Cj Hendry sold her First hyper-realistic pencil drawing of RM Williams boots for $10,000 then famously sold her Kash Kurrency drawing of Kanye West’s face on a $100 dollar bill to Kanye West himself at his Yeezus concert. Hendry has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Guardian, Observer, Vogue, and ARTNews, among other noted media outlets.

Exhibition dates: 12 – 22 May 2022

Private View: 11 May 2022, 6-9pm

New Testament Church of God, London E3 5AA

Hendry is an artist breaking boundaries of how we view and engage with art. She cleverly plays with iconography linking the art world with wider debates around identity and the significance we place on objects. Her approach her won her global fans from the public and private sector. Born in 1988 and originally from Brisbane, Australia, she is now a New York-based artist globally renowned for her large-scale, photo-realistic drawings of consumer goods and immense, interactive exhibitions. Hendry has developed a dedicated following through her unique blend of technical mastery and conceptual depth. Operating without a gallery, she organizes and finances her own exhibitions, usually in non-traditional environments. “Rorschach,” for instance, a show of images one might encounter when taking a psychological test, was held in a bouncy castle made to look like a padded room in a mental hospital; “Monochrome,” an exhibition of drawings of crumpled Pantone chips, was hung in a series of rooms made of modular plastic bricks, each decorated in a different color. And her most recent solo show, of drawings of wigs, opened this past December in a pop-up chocolate shop in New York. Hendry uses Caran D’Ache pencils and the iconic drawing tool is sponsoring this exhibition. The new series presented in this show marks Cj’s return to monochromatic work and her roots. Her works from 2012 – 2017 were all in black and white.

Cj Hendry Epilogue
Cj Hendry Epilogue
Cj Hendry Epilogue 2022
Cj Hendry, Epilogue, London, 2022. All images copyright of the artist.


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