Renowned artist Cj Hendry is poised to make waves in the desert with her latest exhibition “Public Pool” debuting this spring. Opening April 5th to the 7th, the immersive homage pays tribute and reinvents the charismatic allure of Vegas hotel pool party aesthetics and pomp with Cj’s trademark flair and cheeky humor.

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At the heart of “Public Pool” lies a colossal 50-meter-long inflatable pool, standing 3 feet tall. Through Cj's imaginative lens, this seemingly ordinary structure becomes a refreshing splash reflective of the essence of Viva Las Vegas with all of its glitz and whimsical kitsch, while offering a surprising and playful oasis amidst the desert landscape. Complete with hot pink flamingos, neon inflatables, and colorful floral motifs, the exhibition invites visitors to indulge in the extravagant and fantastical.

Cj expresses her excitement about "Public Pool" and says, "I love the vivacity of Las Vegas and the duality of the desert together. I hope this exhibition sparks joy, connection, and a sense of wonder for everyone who dives into the experience."

To commemorate “Public Pool” a select number of limited-edition drawings and editions, each showcasing Cj’s extraordinary talent, and a collection of beach towels, floaties, sunscreen, totes, hats, t-shirts, and other pool-themed items will be available for purchase at on April 7th at 7pm EST.


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