If you haven't checked out our partner gallery PxP Contemporary in some time, you may have missed their newest exhibition. "Chromatic" features 10 international artists working in abstraction. In this curated group show, you'll find an array of artwork including dimensional paintings by Seth Remsnyder, collages that play with the balance between positive and negative space by Heather Polk, ethereal compositions by Carolyn Rhinebarger, and hard-edge abstract works by Sarah Aileen. "Chromatic" runs through April 30th and all artwork featured in the exhibition is available for sale. Meet the artists below: 

Kyle Goderwis

"I've always been excited by the combination of different materials. A piece from a sketchbook and an old magazine for a collage piece. Acrylic paint mixed with epoxy for a particle board piece. Adding that final pencil mark to make a painting complete. I think it comes from working at an art supply store after college. I was introduced to so many materials, and I was able to try them all. I like mixing different mediums while trying new techniques, and I like to make my work bold, but lighthearted. I'm drawn to pinks, yellows, and bright colors. I want people to be engaged by my work, and to enjoy the final piece as much as I enjoy the process."

Kyle Goderwis abstract painting red orange and blue
Kyle Goderwis, Coastline drive

Nicolle Cure

"My art is the fuel that ignites my passion for helping others. I use art as a tool to create beauty around me and support the causes I believe in.

My background heavily influences my work – the folklore, the rich colors, and the rhythms of my Colombian-Lebanese roots combined with the mixed culture of Miami inspire my vibrant and dynamic color palette.

Throughout the years, I have created several art collections often drawn from personal experiences. Each series consists of artworks portraying emotions and events that have profoundly impacted my life.  My latest series, The Colors of Sound, was born during a time of much-obliged self-isolation and severe anxiety caused by my sudden unilateral hearing loss.

I use high-fluid acrylic ink and paint to mimic the energy and movement of the sound waves and I later add accents with graphite, charcoal, and oil pastels. I chose vibrant colors to create an uplifting, positive message, and darker colors for a more somber tone. Through this series, I explore the relationship between sound and life, to consider how we make sense of our surroundings through what we can hear.

Developing this collection of paintings has not only been incredibly therapeutic, but it has also served as an opportunity to provide hope and helpful information to others who, like me, are new to this world of hearing and balance disorders and are still learning how to cope with the debilitating symptoms that these invisible disabilities often bring."

Nicolle Cure abstract art painting coral beige
Nicolle Cure, Aurora

Courtney Griffin

"Courtney’s visual language has blossomed from her life as a quiet gatherer of colors, moments, and stories. In the solitude of her studio is where she feels safe to feel the breadth of the human experience — from pain to bliss, from sorrow to joy, from connection to grief. Her process is a fully embodied experience, in which she uses movement, intuition, and breath as a way to connect with and make decisions with her work. Gold circles (as she calls “stamps”) serve as the focal point in Courtney’s paintings. These stamps represent our connection to our truth and knowledge, and their placement encourages viewers to intuitively follow each stamp as a practice of coming back home to oneself. Her creative process holds space for moments of both free-flowing creation and purposeful decision-making. Her work explores the duality of the human experience with her use of vibrant color palettes, black detailing, and breath-giving negative space."

Courtney Griffin contemporary abstract art
Courtney Griffin, More Shall Be Revealed

Jennifer Small

"My art, initially abstract in appearance, records a journey of a day in the life—a practice that starts with documentation through the lens of a camera. My eyes act as a viewfinder narrowing down the panoramic into single frames. Compiled snapshots represent blocks of time during my process of seeing and recording aesthetic significance in ordinary routine. I see curious formal elements in common things waiting to be manipulated and transformed into abstract compositions.

I collage together the single framed images, simplify and render them in paint to create the lines, shapes, and hues that fill the canvas. Abstracted layers build shallow spaces that depict my translation of the everyday. My work shows my analysis of time and space interpreted by looking through a lens at my immediate environment."

Jennifer Small artist contemporary neon painting
Jennifer Small, Around the Block at Sunset

Seth Remsnyder

"Lines have made up the motif of my paintings for several years now. My continued work with lines in my painting has pulled some inspiration from the linear visual language of road signs. Some are confusing, some elegant, some geometric, all are very important. They are lines we absolutely need to see. And yet these signs and the linear, visual-language found exalted on them are often overlooked or ignored. These works double as an artistic intervention playing off of the idea of signage. What if the public were confronted with serious abstract art in their daily commute? Could it help them pay more attention to their surroundings? My work intends to interact with that question directly; not by virtue of the content of the work for that is a visual play on an already established visual language, the allusion is as metaphysical as it is physical. I don’t intend to tell the viewer how to think. I intend to show the paintings in a form that they are already familiar with to see if they will make those connections."

Seth Remsnyder abstract wall sculpture painting contemporary art
Seth Remsnyder, A Zeitgeist

Heather Polk

"My work is informed by my personal experiences, observations, and curiosities. My love of bold color, flowers, and hearts anchor a lot of my work and genuinely reflect my soul and personality. I have found my creative flow and when I am working it feels effortless and meditative. Never forget, creativity unleashed rewards every soul."

Heather Polk contemporary abstract collage artist
Heather Polk, Unchained, But Not Tamed #1

Carolyn Rhinebarger

"Living in North Carolina has provided a chance to experience the majesty of the ocean, the breathtaking beauty of mountaintop vistas, and the quiet calm of undulating fields dotted with grazing herds of cows, sheep, and horses. My art is my way of sharing the perfect occasions in nature that produce a tranquil sense of well-being and gratitude."

Carolyn Rhinebarger contemporary affordable interior design art
Carolyn Rhinebarger, After Glow

Makiko Harris

"I make mixed media abstract paintings and installations that explore color, texture, and light. As a half-white, half-Japanese person, I leverage the dynamic juxtapositions of my multiracial experience in my work. Through texture, color, and composition I explore the tension between subtlety and exuberance, composure and expressiveness, the organic and geometric. In addition to my cultural background, my lifelong study of music and violin performance impacts the rhythm and lyricism with which I create abstract compositions. Finally, the process by which each work is created through scraping, flooding, and impacting the canvas tests the durability of the surface. I use this process to reflect on the resilience of the body, specifically through the lens of my background in feminist philosophy."

Makiko Harris abstract painting pink
Makiko Harris, Mend Kit

Margot Dermody

"I create artwork that incorporates memories of personal experience, significant places, feelings of hope and serenity, and my lifelong passion for nature. My work is also informed by changing conditions of light and the texture of water. The dance of making marks, considering them, and responding to them is an integral aspect of my process.

I work intuitively to express the beauty I see in my surroundings and places experienced. I feel awe and inspiration at the edge of a body of water, alongside mountains, or in the deep woods. Using contemporary methods with acrylic, mixed media, and glass, I create opaque and translucent layers to achieve depth. As I work, I explore the contradictory space and tension between the eloquence of minimal and overworked spaces."

Margot Dermody abstract art on paper
Margot Dermody, Paris 10

Sarah Aileen

"Color is a force. I use the design of my paintings to emphasize and explore the impact of color, in the context of hard-edge painting and minimalism. I have always been drawn to the interplay between seemingly unrelated colors and shapes. I often apply strong contrast to proportions to create visual tension in my pieces. The dynamic angles and broad, saturated color fields create energy that is experienced uniquely by each viewer."

Sarah Aileen contemporary hard edge painting
Sarah Aileen, Beyond the Horizon