Hey there, art enthusiasts, creators, and fellow lovers of all things art! Editor Kat here, and I couldn't be more excited to welcome you to the latest issue of Create! Magazine. Flip through the pages to discover the fascinating world of contemporary art, complete with furry friends, deep insights, and a whole lot of inspiration.

First up, let's peek behind the curtain with Liz Lidgett in "Ask a Gallerist." Liz takes us on a backstage tour of the art world, offering juicy tidbits and insider knowledge that will give you insight into both working with galleries and art collecting.

Ever wondered about the creative process? TJ Walsh is here to demystify it for us in "From Myth to Mastery." Get ready to embrace the truths of the artistic process and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to create.

London-based artist Simone Brewster takes center stage in "Shape of Things," a profile that delves into her unique artistic vision and the shapes that define her work. Prepare to be inspired by her bold creativity and innovative approach to art-making.

Ready to start your own art collection but not sure where to begin? Fear not, because Magnus Resch is here to guide us in "How to Collect Art." Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newbie to the scene, Magnus has invaluable tips to share that will help you navigate the world of art collecting like a pro.

Now, let's get personal with some captivating interviews. From the ethereal world of Jane Margarette to the down-to-earth wisdom of Harriet Lowther, we're treated to a diverse array of voices and perspectives that remind us of the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

And let's not forget about our curated section, expertly curated by Jennifer Rizzo of Hashimoto Contemporary. Featuring an eclectic mix of artists from Charlotte Brisland to Jesse Zuo, this section showcases the incredible talent and diversity within the contemporary art world.

So there you have it, folks! Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or just dipping your toes into the creative waters, there's something for everyone in Create! Magazine #43. So grab your favorite furry friend, cozy up with a cup of tea, and prepare to be inspired. Happy reading!

Harriet Lowther
Danym Kwon
Magnus Resch


Ask a Gallerist: Behind the Scenes with Liz Lidgett by Liz Lidgett

From Myth to Mastery: Embracing the Truths of the Artistic Process by TJ Walsh

Shape of Things: A Profile on London Artist Simone Brewster by Zoë Goetzmann

How to Collect Art: Interview with Magnus Resch by Alicia Puig

Birds, Butterflies & Melancholia: Interview with Jane Margarette by Christina Nafziger

Enjoying the Mistakes & Appreciating the Magic of Creating: Interview with Harriet Lowther by Alicia Puig

Interview with Angela Fang Zirbes by Christina Nafziger

Interview with Danym Kwon by Christina Nafziger

Interview with Gina M. Contreras by Christina Nafziger

Interview with Madeleine Tonzi by Christina Nafziger

Interview with Mary Finlayson by Christina Nafziger

Curated Section by Jennifer Rizzo:

  • Charlotte Brisland
  • Annabelle Buck
  • Jordan Buschur
  • Katelyn Chapman
  • Kristin Elizabeth Fiorvanti
  • Helya Ebrahimi Ghajar
  • Anastasia Greer
  • Xinran Guan
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Loc Huynh
  • Anna Jekel
  • Justin N. Kim
  • Debora Koo
  • Carrie Lederer
  • Michele Montalbano
  • Jes Moran
  • Michelle Mullet
  • Erika Navarrete
  • JP Neang
  • Hallie Packard
  • Gianna Putrino
  • Lucy Ray
  • Tegan Brozyna Roberts
  • Diana Rodgers
  • Jason Shelby Schuler
  • Katie Steward
  • Denise Stewart-sanabria
  • Scott Troxel
  • Xiangjie Rebecca Wu
  • Jesse Zuo