Catrin Perih is a painter and art educator based in Hastings on Hudson, NY. She was born and raised in Wales and has lived in New York since the late 1980s. Her paintings are greatly influenced by her childhood. Catrin has exhibited her work in Westchester and Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been published in local newspapers, the Welsh magazine Codi Pais and the book 'Voices - Words to Welsh Art'. She has a studio in Hastings on Hudson where she enjoys working in acrylic, watercolor and digital media.

"Catalyst" by Catrin Perih


My art practice began as a way to acknowledge the memories and experiences of my childhood and young adulthood in Wales. As an immigrant to the States my paintings have become a form of catharsis, a method of working through the emotions I have always had about leaving home. In that respect my work is often very personal. I am also inspired by the past: my husband’s old family photos, antiques, historical buildings or settings, and anything that evokes a sense of nostalgia. I primarily work with water based media and like to add a lot of water to whatever medium I’m using. I enjoy the atmospheric effects that can be achieved, how they can be wiped away and how this might suggest the mistiness of memories and the past. I have recently begun to work digitally which often begins with a physical painting or photograph. The image then goes through a process of transformation as I add and subtract elements until it reaches a satisfactory aesthetic conclusion.


"Flames to the fire" by Catrin Perih
"Golden" by Catrin Perih
"Invocation" by Catrin Perih
"Moonbeam" by Catrin Perih