My name is Cassie Howard and I’m a young artist in Denver, Colorado. For the past four years, I have been working on my portfolio. In 2018, I graduated from Hamilton college and earned a degree in Studio Art. Throughout college, I interned for a couple of fashion designers (Giambattista Valli, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini). After I completed my internships, I worked on a year long thesis. For my senior thesis, I painted interior scenes which lead me to interior design. Once I graduated, I completed an intensive program in interior design. Afterwards, I left interior design to focus on my own artwork. I realized fashion and interior design did not give me enough creative freedom. As a result, I decided to work for myself and focus solely on my artwork. While pursuing art as a full time career, I entered a painting competition hosted by the owners of the Highclere Castle (main setting of Downton Abbey). On their instagram account, they placed my painting as one of the "highly commended" works entered. As a young, emerging artist
I'm continuing to spread my artwork to future viewers. I not only want to separate myself as an innovative still life artist, but I also want to spread my love for painting, fashion, and interior design, through my works of art.

"Afternoon Pastries" by Cassie Howard


Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by art, fashion and design. These various interests inspired me to create beautiful still lifes. Instead of painting a simple white cloth or a bowl of ordinary fruit, I look for intricate tapestries and cultural objects that are not normally found in traditional still lifes. Today’s art industry has pushed me to think of still lifes in a different way. Since I have a variety of interests in the arts, my paintings have allowed me to combine my past experiences into visual works of art.

My primary medium is watercolor and gouache. My work has a traditional feel, but not too realistic where I can’t use my own creative license. My mother raised me in a creative household. My mother was an antique dealer who collected rare objects. She always decorated our house with unique items. Years ago she placed a Japanese ceramic boat on the windowsill and filled the sculpture with barbed wire. Over the years, she collected Japanese teapots, a Oaxacan tapestry, and even antique rulers. Without a doubt, her passion for art and design gave me insurmountable inspiration. Over the past five years, I have used her antiques as the main items in my still lifes. I also include detailed fabrics and curated floral bouquets, which add a layer of intricacy to my work. Without my mother's ongoing support, I would have never exposed myself to painting, fashion or interior design. I have a deep connection with art and design and fortunately I have found an art form where I can combine all of my past interests onto one surface.

"Fish and Crane" by Cassie Howard
"Garlic and Shallots" by Cassie Howard
"Kiwis and Irises" by Cassie Howard
"Lemons and Lace" by Cassie Howard
"Ocean Wildlife" by Cassie Howard
"Paperwhites" by Cassie Howard
"Peonies and Cranes" by Cassie Howard
"Pomegranates" by Cassie Howard