Where: Hashimoto Contemporary, 54 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002

When: September 16 - October 7, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 16, 2023, 6-8 pm

Introducing the solo exhibition titled "The Shadow of The Sun" by the phenomenal Brooklyn-based artist, Scott Albrecht. Hashimoto Contemporary is ecstatic to showcase Albrecht's latest series in what marks his fourth solo show at their gallery.

Drawing from deep wells of personal experience, Albrecht crafts a narrative that mirrors the evolving dynamics of relationships transformed beyond familiar recognition. The artist ventures deeper into his exploration of abstract typography, harmoniously blending graphic relief paintings with hand-cut wooden forms that subtly unite, concealing meticulous and lengthy conceptual and practical processes. The craftsmanship exhibited carries a delicate balance of rugged woodworking merged with the finesse of poetic touch.

A journey through Albrecht's curated space encourages viewers to engage in reflective contemplation, decoding the enigmatic puzzles presented through carved letter fragments and spaces. The presentation demands a slow consumption and processing of language, emphasizing emotional connectivity over mere data exchange in communication — a truly profound reconfiguration of how we interpret language and graphic representations.

This novel assembly of work gracefully acknowledges relationships altered by unavoidable circumstances, with each piece titled to depict both gradual and sudden shifts in the artist's fundamental connections to people and places. Albrecht captures the essence of time's fleeting yet lasting impact through phrases like “An Old Hourglass Runs Fast” and “A Portrait by Time.” Simultaneously, artworks titled “A Flower & The Garden” and “A Silent Crash” highlight the precious moments that define our perception of time.

Immersing himself into the emotional landscapes that accompany transformative experiences, the artist employs a palette rich with hues and shades associated with distinct emotions and moods. It invites viewers to reconcile with transformations and challenging situations, portraying the extended shadows cast by the rising sun as symbols of acceptance and understanding.

Scott Albrecht, born in 1983, utilizes a rich background in graphic design to create artworks in diverse mediums ranging from wood, steel, collage to pen & ink, showcasing his undeniable prowess in sculpture and murals. His collaborations extend to iconic clients including Google, Spotify, and PayPal, reflecting a career adorned with international and domestic exhibitions.

For a deeper insight into the exhibition, or to request additional images and exclusive content, feel free to reach out to NYC Partner, Jennifer Rizzo, at jenn@hashimotocontemporary.com.

Discover more about Scott Albrecht's journey and artistic vision on his official website and gather detailed information about the exhibition on the Hashimoto Contemporary website.

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