Black Collagists The Book Front Cover
Black Collagists: The Book, Front Cover

Create! Magazine is pleased to share the announcement of the recent release of this exciting new publication!

Written and curated by Teri Henderson and published by Kanyer Publishing, Black Collagists: The Book features over fifty emerging and established Black collage artists from around the world. With over 300 full color images alongside historical context and academic essays, the book establishes a physical archive of the history and the future of Black collage artists. Black Collagists: The Book does not claim to be a complete record, but rather a door that invites others into a conversation about representation in Black collage art, both historically and currently, and challenges others to expand their own research.

Featured artists: Adolphus Washington, Alanis Forde, Alexandria Valentine, Anthony Grant, Ashley Marie Lagrange, Ashley-Crystal Firstley, Basil Kincaid, Bria Sterling-Wilson, Brittany M. Reid, Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre, Chelle Barbour, Clotilde Jiménez, Cydne Jasmin Coleby, Dana Robinson, Delano Dunn, Della Wells, Esteban Whiteside, Evita Tezeno, Funmi Lijadu, Gherdai Hassell, Giana De Dier, Heather Polk, Helina Metaferia, Idris Veitch, Indigene Theresa Gaskin, Jeffrey Kent, Jesse L. Freeman, JESSC.X, Jessica Whittingham, John C. Fields, Joyce V. Saiete, Khaleelah I. L. Harris, Lara Rouse, Lisa Myers Bulmash, M. Florine Démosthène, Mark Jason Weston, Marryam Moma, Melissa Sutherland Moss, Melvin Nesbitt Jr.,  Mobolaji Ogunrosoye, Mori Hitchcock, N. Masani Landfair, Nancey B. Price, Peter Williams, Raphaël Barontini, Robert Leroy Hodge, Sadie Barnette, SHAN Wallace, Shefon Taylor, Trevor Davis, Vanezza Cruz, Yannick Lowery, Zoë Charlton, Zola-Jourdan Savage. Written Contributions by Danielle Canter, Justin Smith, Laurie Kanyer, and Yesenia Hunter.

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Black Collagists the book inside spread