Create! Magazine Podcast
Create! Magazine Podcast

By Ekaterina Popova

Podcasts have become the best studio companions that bring exciting stories, tips for new artists, career advice, free mentoring, and a sense of connection to creatives. Whether you are looking to learn how to grow your online presence or master a new technique, our list has got you covered.

Being an artist often means spending hours alone with our craft, but hearing a fellow maker’s voice, discovering a new strategy, or connecting on a human level can bring meaning and joy to our day.

Before I could afford a coach or invest in business courses, blogs, and other premium resources, podcasts for artists were my mentors. I listened to success stories of how emerging artists quit their day job, learned to support themselves, and absorbed any information from galleries and curators sharing their perspectives to help empower others. So whether you are an artist and entrepreneur looking to grow your art business or a beginner diving into the sometimes-overwhelming world of art, this list will be sure to inspire, empower and bring you the best information available.

We asked our community about what they listen to in the studio, on their commute, and beyond and compiled a great list that will keep you inspired for months. So check out our list of the best contemporary art podcasts to binge on this winter. Stay tuned for part II coming soon!

Best Contemporary Art Podcasts to Binge This Season

Part I

1 Great Women Artists Podcast by Katy Hessel

Presented by art historian and curator, Katy Hessel, The Great Women Artists Podcast interviews artists on their career, or curators, writers, or general art lovers, on the female artist who means the most to them.

Great Women Artists Podcast with Katy Hessel

2 Creative Rebels Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier

Co-founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo share nspiring interviews with creative people who have rebelled against the 9-5

3 Arts to Hearts Podcast by Charuka Arora

ATH Podcast is for artists looking to feel inspired, to empower the best version of themselves, have honest conversations & peek into the hearts & life of people within the arts.


4 Artist/Mother Podcast by Kaylan Buteyn

The Artist/Mother podcast interviews incredible working artists who are also mothers, inviting them to share from their experiences as they make art and mother their children.


5 The Curator’s Salon by Gita Joshi

Conversations with artists, curators and authors about making it in the art world. We get behind the studio doors for entertaining and informative discussions about the journey through the visual arts, how projects were realised, ideas that informed new work and practical ways that artists can expand their audience and visibility.


6 I Like Your Work Podcast by Erika B Hess

I Like Your Work is a podcast and community platform dedicated to providing resources and exhibition opportunities for artists.


7 Art For Your Ear by Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator

“ART FOR YOUR EAR brings you stories from some of my favorite contemporary artists. When I studied Art History, the best part was, well, the gossip. I loved finding out why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast is exactly that ... inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people I know. You'll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happen to be regular people with hilarious stories) BEFORE they’re in the Art History books.” - Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator)

8 The Art Grind Podcast by Marshal Jones and Dina Brodsky

Art Grind is a podcast for and about artists, art lovers and art professionals. It is a social practice of giving back to the art community of which we are a part and explores the process, content, concept and motivation behind art making of both established and emerging artists and the people who bring that art to a wider audience. We are artists ourselves and wear many hats, including curation, art writing and art teaching. We share a passion for authentic and skilled art making, be it trained or self-taught. Whether in the studio, on your lunch hour or chilling out after a long day of hustle, have a listen while we explore, along with our guests, the backstories of what we fondly call “the art grind”.


ART, ok cool by Celine Gabrielle and Jade Usackas

ART, ok cool is a podcast about life as an artist. Specifically emerging artists.. The ins and outs, the ups and downs, the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes stuff. The good the bad and everything else in between, we’re gonna talk about it all right here. **some swearing occasionally**

10 The Artsy Podcast

Artsy's team of editors takes you behind the scenes of the art world, talking everything from art history to the latest market news.

11 Bad At Sports

Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, the series focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.


12 The Artist Entrepreneur

Discover how to bridge the gap between your creativity and savvy business sense with The Artist Entrepreneur founder and Business + PR Strategist, Catherine Orer. Each episode, Catherine delves deep into a juicy business question, getting insight from artists and professional experts, and sharing her own art world experiences to offer an answer. With no-nonsense advice and actionable strategies, she pushes back on the idea that artists cannot be entrepreneurs, and helps creatives build the successful, fulfilling careers they’ve always dreamed of.


13 Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Pizza

Each week, host Andy J. Pizza serves up monologues and interviews with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols that are chocked to the brim with creative performance hacks and fresh marketing tactics.


14 Colour Me Happy! By Brandi Hofer

Colour Me Happy! Unfiltered - seeing the everyday ordinary as extraordinary. Sharing all about our day-to-day lives in our little in-home art studio. We celebrate and chat about the triumphs and beauty of parenthood. We laugh and maybe even cry a bit about all the life lessons we've learned along the way!

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