Artist Geraldina Khatchikian recently revealed her latest solo exhibition at her family-owned boutique, Giulio Veronesi Jewellery, located in Bologna, Italy, which commenced on the 1st of February. Entitled "Belonging," the exhibition showcases Khatchikian's newest collection of paintings and jewels.

Khatchikian's artistry is distinguished by vibrant color palettes and intricate metal applications, with each piece offering a glimpse into the intricacies of the human experience, weaving together emotions and connections.

The warmth and depth of Khatchikian's paintings evoke a universal yearning for belonging and comprehension. Through her creations, she urges viewers to reflect on their own narratives and perspectives, discovering unity amidst the complexities of existence.

In her own words, Khatchikian extends an invitation, stating, "I invite you to explore this exhibition with curious eyes, allowing yourselves to be enchanted by the painted emotions and sharing this experience with those around you." Each painting narrates tales of transformation, profound connections, fleeting moments of joy, and solace, fostering contemplation on our shared aspirations and hurdles.

Khatchikian's exhibition beckons visitors to delve into the diversity of human relationships, with each piece unveiling an invisible thread that binds our emotions.

Furthermore, this year, Geraldina has introduced a new jewelry piece to complement her paintings, named "I Belong Here." Resembling a leaf, this ring boasts intricate engravings, echoing the unique patterns found within her metal applications featured in her paintings. Khatchikian's jewelry pieces are always limited editions, with ever-changing stone selections, ensuring each creation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Additionally, attendees can explore Geraldina's jewelry collection during the exhibition, including this newly unveiled piece crafted specifically for the event.

As the exhibition extends until the 2nd of March, visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in Khatchikian's captivating artwork, experiencing the potency of her creations firsthand.

For more information, visit her website to discover the "Belonging Collection" at