Another Day is a New York-based art studio founded by Vicente Garcia Morillo and Eugene Serebrennikov. Morillo, an award-winning artist and valedictorian from the FineArts University of Seville, caught the eye of Serebrennikov, a former Nike Art Director, who found his work online. The pair quit their 9-5 jobs to form Burn & Broad, a creative studio focused on creating impactful designs for clients, and Another Day, its creative counterpart, focused on the duo's artistic self-expression.


From October 6th-27th, Another Day will present A Beautiful Chaos - their first solo exhibit, short film, and directorial debut at 119 N. 1st Street in Brooklyn. In this body of work, New York City is both the muse and the canvas. Another Day’s creative practice reimagines overlooked, discarded street relics and objects, transforming them into meaningful works of art.


“Our work captures the chaotic yet harmonious forces of daily life in New York City. The heart of the city and soul of the world is overflowing with both trash and treasure. It’s a constant reminder that beauty is everywhere, if you open your mind to it.”


- Eugene Serebrennikov andVicente Garcia Morillo



Millions of people around the world have a love affair with New York City. What makes it so special and a consistent source of inspiration for you?


Each person's connection to the city is unique. Our experience as immigrants, artists, and friends in NY has inspired and tested us.


We're immigrants to NY and came here at different times; this experience has significantly influenced our perspectives. Eugene is a Russian-born immigrant whose family landed in NY on his 5th birthday. Vicente is a Spanish-born immigrant who landed in NYC three years ago. The city to us represents the chase of a dream. As artists and friends, our dream was to build a studio together at the intersection of art and design - Burn & Broad, our design studio, works with clients, andAnother Day, our creative playground, focuses on our artistic self-expression.


Congratulations on your forthcoming debut solo exhibition! Can you give us a bit of background on how the idea for the show initially came about and how long you've been working on the collection that will be on display?


We started our collaboration over a decade ago while living on opposite ends of the globe, speaking different languages, never having met in person. We both left the safety net of our corporate design jobs behind to build this studio.


Over the last two years, we've been working towards creating an exhibition and short film inspired by our experience navigating daily life in a city of juxtaposition. This city has given us dreams and struggles, trash and treasures, fun nights, and sad mornings. Our experiences have been the main drive as to why we created A Beautiful Chaos- our visual love letter to New York, flaws, and all. The city has brought us together and opened our eyes to realize that amidst all of life's chaos, there's beauty in everything and everyone on every corner, street, and person in this city. We're grateful for that.


What do you have in store for those who come to view A Beautiful Chaos?


Someone might see trash and someone might see treasure. We hope the latter. New York is both our muse and canvas, which is why we incorporated street relics and everyday objects often overlooked or discarded into our work, in order to highlight and accentuate their beauty.


Our work spans multiple mediums, including a series of paintings, three-dimensional sculptures, and experimental creations. Our show will not only be our first art show, but it's also our first directorial debut. We'll be showing Another Day: A BeautifulChaos, the short-film. The short-film intertwines live-action film-making, 3D clay animation, illustration, and the actual art pieces from the art show.Blending digital and physical.


The film delves into the misadventures of a Pigeon, who accidentally ingests a psychedelic from the street ground and embarks on a strange magical journey through NY. Along the way, he encounters a series of mishaps, including an irate local rat. Amidst the chaos, the city’s beauty is revealed.


Can you tell us about your creative partnership and how it has developed over the years? What does it take to balance two different artistic sensibilities to produce cohesive work together?


Balance is actually the word that defines our creative partnership. Balance is at the heart of everything we do - from how we work together, create together, and communicate with one another.


We’re different people from other worlds with our own unique set of skills, but there’s an unmistakable chemistry between us, and it enables us to blend our talents harmoniously.While, in theory, we can function as artists individually, we find our true synergy when collaborating. The interaction of our creative differences has ultimately formed our creative foundation.


We are both equally involved in the creative process, from conceptualizing to executing, making the best of merging our skills in a balanced way. Together, our creative vision has always been singular but splintered across many creative directions and artistic styles. From fine art to graphic design, physical to digital, - we choose not to operate in a singular lane but instead pursue a wide range of disciplines -balancing art and design.