Create! Magazine and PxP Contemporary Announce Concurrent Exhibitions

Philadelphia, PA - Create! Magazine, in collaboration with Art Queens and PxP Contemporary, is thrilled to announce the upcoming two group exhibitions "Wild" alongside the Art Queens Member Wall. Curated by Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig, "Wild" showcases artists who delve into the realms of nature, the wilderness, and landscapes, interpreting the concept of wildness through various mediums, including painting, collage, sculpture, photography, and mixed media.

Exhibition Details:

  • Title: Wild and Art Queens Member Wall
  • Curators: Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig
  • Location: Paradigm Gallery, 3rd floor, Paradigm Arts Building, 12 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia
  • Dates: January 5, 2024 - January 17, 2024
  • Opening Reception: January 5, 2023, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Participating "Wild" Artists (alphabetized by last name):

  • Paula Camacho
  • Bri Custer
  • Kendra Dandy
  • Lauren DeMarco
  • Francine Fox
  • Katherine Fraser
  • Victoria Fry
  • Laurén Gerig
  • Jill Haas
  • Clare Kim
  • Allison Keilman
  • Francesca Dalla Benetta
  • Alexandra McLaughlin
  • Jennifer Mohr
  • Claire Moore
  • Ally Morgan
  • Camille Myles
  • Nick Pedersen
  • Danielle M. Probst
  • Sarah Renzi Sanders
  • Sonia Redfern
  • Kyle Sorensen
  • Hannah Tidechild
  • Anastasia Zielinski

Art Queens Member Wall Artists:

  • Gina Ariko Marioni
  • Katrina Niswander
  • Elizabeth "Tilly" Strauss
  • Samantha Wood
  • Roshni Patel
  • Jen Hintz Eggers
  • Erica Jackson
  • Ginnie Baer
  • Nicole Tobin
  • Jessica Rubin
  • Paulina Ree
  • Sharon Wensel
  • Tina Rawson
  • Celia Soto
  • Tiffany Budzisz
  • Christiana Odum
  • Ariana Tavares
  • Henni Pfeiffer
  • Angel Wagner
  • Susan Salvati
  • Juliana Naufel
  • Charity Troy
  • Charuka Arora
  • Marielle Orr
  • Sofya Mirvis
  • Claire Coleman
  • Brandi Hofer
  • Leah Guzman
  • Ellen Holleman
  • Jalinka Gressmann
  • Rachel Karr
  • Carolyn King
  • Danielle Haynes
  • Denise Lange
  • Bree Smith
  • Radhika Bhoite
  • Melissa Gile
  • Lauren Marie Brank
  • Ingrid Wells
  • and more

For more information about the "Wild" exhibition or the Art Queens Member Wall, please contact:


Join us in celebrating the diverse talents of these artists as they explore the wild and untamed aspects of nature and landscapes. We eagerly await your presence on January 5th to explore the "Wild" and Art Queens Member Wall exhibitions at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia.

Ingrid Wells
Bri Custer
Victoria Fry
Laurén Gerig