We are thrilled to announce the finalists for our highly anticipated international print issue #39! After an intensive jury process, we are proud to present the talented artists selected by the CoFounders and Partners of Black Women in Visual Art (BWVA). Let's give a big round of applause to these outstanding individuals who have made it to the final stage of our prestigious juried competition.

Black Women in Visual Art (BWVA) is an organization for women, visual art, and culture professionals of the African Diaspora. BWVA aims to foster networks, share resources, and develop programs with the goal of increasing visibility for women in the global majority. BWVA was created to steward and nurture enduring representation and leadership in the visual arts and cultural sector.

Lauren Jackson Harris: Lauren Jackson Harris is an arts professional and independent curator who was exposed to art at an early age, and it undoubtedly became her passion. With a BFA in Graphic Design and Art History from Howard University and an MA in Creative Business Leadership from SCAD, she values both education and experience in the arts. Lauren enjoys networking and cultivating relationships within the arts and cultural industry. She has used her innovative strategies and progressive ideas to help ignite the arts community and create new avenues for artists and arts workers. Through managing partnerships and engaging audiences, Lauren hopes to add value to the arts scene of her hometown of Atlanta, engage and grow with other BWVA members, and transform the arts world one step at a time.

Daricia Mia Demarr: Daricia Mia Demarr is a cross-disciplinary person with curious interests in almost everything. Her career path has been guided by the understanding that art intersects with all disciplines, providing infinite possibilities for professional and creative engagement. She is a curator and visual art executive, conducting independent curatorial and creative projects under her company, Pi Arts Projects. Daricia was a member of the Hartsfield-Jackson Art Program team in Atlanta, Georgia, and has held management positions at Peg Alston Fine Arts NYC and New York University, Kimmel Galleries. She is motivated by creative and critical engagement and passionate about social, cultural, and personal development. Daricia strives to make the world a more thoughtful place through the arts.


Congratulations to the following artists:

Abiola Adejare, Heather Allison, Ariel Dannielle, Gail Butters Cohen, Amber Janay Cooper, S. Erin Batiste, Adana Tillman, Marcela Montemayor, Joanna Pilarczyk, Jordan A. Porter-Woodruff, Lucy Pike, Michele Pierson, Charles Mason III, Lillian Aguinaga, Mary Catherine Lowery, Isabel Lu, James Robert Morrison, Hopeton St.Clair Hibbert Jr., Nicole James, Mark Engel, Marryam Moma, Siran Liu, La línea el cuerpo (Jorge Tejeda), Louise Rieger, Sonia Redfern, Tamar Segev, Emanuela Sintamarian, Jessica Worrall, Allison Hudson.

Art by Adana Tillmans

Congratulations to the following artists who were awarded special mention:

Caitlin Larson, Claudia Robles-Gil, Clara Sun, Cora Nimtz, DANYM KWON, Debo Mouloudji, Esme Sullivan, Etta Davis, Heidi Brueckner, Hillary Cumberworth, Ira Upin, Isabella Emma Victoria Theys, Jacqueline Rosewarne, Jose Mazariegos, Juan Correa, Julia Agnes, Jude Samman, Juliana Ospina Cano, KELVIN SMALL III, Kelsey Archbold, Krista M. Jones, Laneigh Ramirez, Lavett Doreen Ballard, Loc Huynh, Laura Lee Burch, Martina Buiat, Meaghan Larsen, Morgan Adler, Nathaniel J Moody, Paola Di Legge, Pavlina Vagioni, Paul Tambellini, Paula Cahill, Perry deVick, Primary Hughes, Rong Choy, Shane Roarke Daly, Shardaya Jones, Skye Lawrence, Sleepy Shipman, Sofia Angelini, Tabitha Fidler, Tanis Saxby, Toby Davis, Trinity Juliette Buckner, You Zhang.

Congratulations once again to all the artists on their incredible achievements! This issue will be released in the fall of 2023.