The Pink Bison Prize goes to the artist with the most exceptional artwork posted on Juried by 10 internationally acclaimed art critics and artists, the winner will receive $5,000 in cash and the illustrious Pink Bison trophy. Participation is open and free to any artist who works in any medium from anywhere in the world.

In the spirit of democratizing art, finalists are selected via a voting process open to all artists, critics, and collectors on Altamira. The 10 artists with the most total votes across all of their works on Altamira in the previous year (12/31/21 - 12/31/22) and the 10 artists with the most votes on an individual work will be selected as finalists. After 20 finalists are chosen, the award will be presented to the winner in an online ceremony that is broadcast internationally.

Finalists Selected: January 1st, 2023

Award Date: February 1st, 2023

To participate:

For full regulations and details, click here.

Artwork copyright Cynthia Pareja Dubin

About Altamira:

Altamira is a communal marketplace for art, artists, and their fans. Altamira facilitates community around art to provide education, social proof, emotional connection, and seamless transaction. It aims to democratize the art world, opening it up to anyone who wants to participate. Along the way, we are focused on creating the best way for artists to sell their work, build their brand, and engage with their fans while empowering art enthusiasts and collectors to find great art.


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