I was born in Indonesia and grew up exploring the crowded city of Jakarta, the backwoods of Java island, and later the contrastingly fresh air of Seattle. As a teenager, Salvador Dalí, Mr. Tino Sidin (an Indonesian artist cartoonist), and many design publications from around the world inspired my initial artmaking.

I immigrated to the United States to pursue my interest in art and design, studied graphic design and art in Seattle and Art Center College of design in Pasadena. I'm now living in Seattle practicing my work in art and design. 

In addition to gallery exhibitions, guest speakers to various art courses and numerous private collections in both the United States, Australia, and Asia, my paintings and digital murals can be seen in various locations of the headquarters in Seattle's South Lake Union campus.

In 2021, I founded an art mentorship program The Spice Art Club. A safe space transforming doubt into a place of confidence through art practice. It’s a place for like-minded artists to grow and support each other through art.  

Artist Statement

When I create, I embark on a journey of self-reflection. Each painting begins with a question, and through exploration, grows into a narrative; an abstraction of an aspect of life where the materials, colors, and textures become phrases and chapters describing the journey, not just the ending. 

My love of food and curiosity in visual language led me to a study of color, texture, and forms inspired by food—Mix them up as if they are different people. Arranging materials, colors, forms, and compositions to invoke contrast and harmony. 

It’s about taking a lighthearted approach to the injustice and pain when people treat those who are different than themselves. Food is life. Ingredients are people. We are all different, but we are also the same.

How has your relationship with art changed over time?

As a child, art was an outlet for my creativity and a way to express and process my emotions. As I grew, my appreciation of its complexity deepened, and I began to appreciate the skill and dedication required to produce art. Art has become an essential part of my life — it helps me connect with stories and the world around me and provides a journey of self-discovery and growth. Through art, I have gained an ever-evolving understanding of myself and the power to create authentically.

Original Art by Nino Yuniardi

Where do you find inspiration? What drives your work?

I find inspiration in many places — from conversations with friends and family, news stories, and everyday interactions, to the passion and creativity of those around me. I am motivated to create meaningful and impactful works that capture the essence of our interconnectedness. With every project, I am driven by the challenge of making something tangible out of a concept and by the opportunity to share it with the world.  

What is your favorite part of your process?

The initial stages of the painting were a thrilling journey for me, filled with creative exploration, problem-solving, and unexpected opportunities for discovery. I revel in brainstorming ideas, experimenting with color combinations, and constructing compositions that ultimately shape the final piece. By combining my logical left-brain design skills with my intuitive right-brain approach, I find immense satisfaction in the creative process.

Original Art by Nino Yuniardi

What is one thing about your art and/or practice that our audience may not know?

My art practice is an ever-evolving process of creative exploration. I paint a little daily, typically taking 30 minutes to an hour to work on a piece. This approach allows me to experiment and explore my creativity with each work. By leaving the piece unresolved, I can approach it with fresh eyes the following day and make design decisions that I may not have considered before. This process allows me to draw on my experience as a graphic designer, allowing me to shape the piece with a unique and creative perspective. Working in this way also helps keep my creative juices flowing and ensures that each piece is an exciting and unique exploration of my imagination.

What does your dream piece/project look like?

I love collaborating with fun brands like Swatch watch or other products I use and love—Uniqlo, IKEA, Allbirds, Target, Golden, Lukas Paint, Liquitex, and many more. I also love collaborating with chefs who might be brave enough to try my wacky titles as their signature dish.

Original Art by Nino Yuniardi
Nino Yuniardi Studio Shot
Nino Yuniardi
Nino Yuniardi