Tyler Sorgman is an artist and art educator living in Watertown, MA. He received his BFA in painting in 2015, and his MA in studio teaching in 2016, both from Boston University. While currently teaching elementary art in Winchester, MA, he also maintains his studio practice.

Artist Statement

Tyler Sorgman is interested in exploring how the landscape can act as a symbol for the psychological. Sorgman’s recent work includes imagery of plant growth, mountain ranges, storms, and forest fires. A solitary home is often set into these imagined spaces. The scenes Sorgman creates are meant to feel both playful yet perilous; dreamy yet uneasy.

Throughout Sorgman’s body of work, there is a play between flatness, depth, and the simplification of complex forms. He builds up layers of paint through repetitive marks and symbols, and sees their accumulation as a reflection of his thoughts, feelings, and anxieties at the time of each individual work’s creation.