Natasha Roberts is the New York City-based curator behind Central Park Tower: Horizons, a group exhibition staged inside the penthouse in the western hemisphere’s tallest residential building on Billionaire’s Row.

Inside the 17,000 square foot property boasting the world’s highest private ballroom and balcony, 360-degree views of every iconic New York City landmark, and the Earth’s curvature on the horizon, Roberts’s curation includes world-renowned artists and rising, emerging talents.

"One Day Series" by Verdiana Patacchini, courtesy of The KNOW

“Considering macro- and micro-landscapes, while looking at both the city around us and the art industry, women have been underrepresented and marginalized, especially women of color, but we’re also working the hardest to make a change. It’s been an honor to curate this group exhibition featuring six women out of seven artists, and it’s particularly exciting to break out of the white cube in creating an art experience inside this new landmark property,” Roberts shares.

Central Park Tower: Horizons features Lindsey Brittain Collins, Verdiana Patacchini, Federico Solmi, Kamiesha Garbadawala, Vicky Barranguet, Bianca Abdi-Boragi, and Bridgette Duran.

“Vicky Barranguet and Kamiesha Garbadawala’s energetic abstractions convey visceral energy, movement, and overlapping elements of the city. Lindsey Brittain Collins’s mixed media painting ‘Megalith’ offers commentary on superlative architecture, social disparity, and our values, and she and Verdiana Patacchini build surface interest in their works using surprising textural materials like concrete and paper-mâché. Each of the artists thoughtfully articulated themes of architecture and New York in their own unique way, complementing and contrasting one another,” Roberts noted in a Create! Magazine podcast interview hosted by Alicia Puig.

Natasha Roberts The Know
Central Park Tower: Horizons Curator Natasha Roberts and portraits of Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet by Federico Solmi, courtesy of The KNOW

Roberts founded arts consultancy The KNOW in 2017, representing emerging artists and advising private collectors, and she has since expanded into partnerships with non-profits, galleries, and international brands including Joe & the Juice and Hueb. Roberts has also curated permanent installations for NYC landmark hospital Lenox Health Greenwich Village, the former Maritime Union Building, and Michelin-starred Sushi of Gari, as well as exhibitions at Saks Fifth Avenue, the NoMo SoHo, and more.

Central Park Tower: Horizons will end with the conclusion of Women’s History Month, on March 31st, and is on view by appointment only.

“Megalith (Hudson Yards)” by Lindsey Brittain Collins, courtesy of The KNOW


Alicia Puig has been a contributing writer for Create! Magazine since 2017.