Whether you’re already an established collector or simply someone who appreciates the great outdoors, we’re excited to share ten contemporary landscape painters making a name for themselves in this niche, curated in partnership with renowned online gallery SINGULART. Founded in 2017, SINGULART has now grown to represent the work of over 12,000 artists and designers. Positioning itself as a top online destination for collectors to discover the work of contemporary artists from around the world, visitors can easily browse unique, original art by size, media, subject, price point, and country of origin via SINGULART’s website. You’ll also find special collections of artwork by style and theme created by the gallery’s team of expert art advisors and curators.

The distinct allure of landscape painting stems from its ability to offer an escape into the natural world. Fusing their creativity with the beauty of the environment, artists working in this genre capture scenic views with their brushstrokes and palettes. In doing so, they often offer us a fresh perspective of our natural surroundings and inspire us to appreciate it in a deeper way. From luminous, ethereal meadows to serene coastal seascapes, join us as we discover the remarkable talent and vision of this international group of artists.

1. Irina Laube

Russian-born and Germany-based painter Irina Laube’s dynamic compositions evoke movement with quick, gestural marks and stretched swathes of color. Heightened hues add to the semi-abstract nature of her work. Besides a keen eye for color, the artist focuses on structures and shapes throughout her process to achieve harmony in her paintings and portray the many facets of nature.

Early in the Evening by Irina Laube

2. Andrii Kovalyk

Described as a nationally-known young talent, Spanish painter Andrii Kovalyk is another skillful colorist. While the brightly saturated tones occasionally border on the surreal, the intention behind their use is as a symbolic device representing themes and narratives in the artist’s work.

The Energy of Victory by Andrii Kovaylyk

3. Dmitry Oleyn

A first glance at artwork by Dmitry Oleyn shows an evident influence of Impressionism. A specialist in oil painting, the Ukraine-based artist draws viewers in with the attention to light in his dreamy seascapes.

Sea by Dmitry Oleyn

4. Felix Burgos

Hard-edge acrylic painter Felix Burgos has a knack for bringing primarily monochromatic snowscapes to life. Sharp lines and geometric forms give his works a retro feel while minuscule figures set against magical, wintery backdrops convey an admiration for the sublime.

The Snow Drifter by Felix Burgos

5. Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is an oil painter who creates expressionistic semi-abstract landscapes. The sea, waves, and skies are a recurring subject as well as a source of inspiration for the UK-based artist. When describing her creative practice, she notes “I live to paint and paint to live”.

Splendour by Elizabeth Williams

6. Vicente Penya-Roja

The magic of Vicente Penya-Roja’s landscapes lies in the layering and detail. Especially in the images with grasslands and greenery, the small, repetitive strokes build depth within the composition. His preferred medium is oils and his process is a constant exploration of light and its chromatic variations.

Un Amancer by Vincente Penya-Roja

7. Brigitte Di Scala

Get lost in the magnificent meadows of French painter Brigitte Di Scala. Bright and airy, her paintings created with a signature palette of vibrant greens and warm pastels instantly transport you to a sunny spring day.

Et Tu Entendra Battre Leurs Ailes by Brigitte Di Scala

9. Julia Purinton

Atmospheric and ethereal, Julia Purinton’s landscapes are not to be missed. An award-winning artist based in the US, she describes her paintings as representations of all aspects of the human experience in nature. Her creative practice is fueled by a fascination with light, which manifests in the luminous quality seen in her works.

Golden Hour by Julia Purinton

9. Georgia Wilhelm

Georgia Wilhelm’s intricate oil paintings depict the environment from unique perspectives. From close-up views and scenes looking up at sun-dappled foliage to landscapes blurred as if you’re seeing them from a car window, each artwork is a visual delight.

Street View X by Georgia Wilhelm

10. Antora Azad

Pushing the boundaries of this traditional genre of painting, Antora Azad creates fantastical landscapes tackling subjects such as urbanization and childhood. Freely utilizing an artificial color palette, her works envision a world in which manmade objects gradually replace elements in the environment.

Urbanization 2 by Antora Azad

We hope you enjoyed this list of top contemporary landscape painters and found inspiration in their works. Further information about each artist and a full catalog of their art can be found directly via SINGULART. That said, this list only scratches the surface of the variety of artwork available on the gallery’s platform. Make sure to visit SINGULART online to experience the full scope of artwork represented including sculpture, photography, drawing, digital art, textiles, and more. Finally, for those new to buying art, remember to take advantage of their free art advisory services that have been trusted by over 9,000 satisfied customers.