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We are thrilled to share with you the subtle yet powerfully intimate work of Anoushka Mirchandani! Her debut London solo show ‘Just Between Us’ opens on September 16 at Rhodes Contemporary Art, who asks us “How do Anoushka’s works encourage you to lean into transition? What people or spaces bring you comfort, safety and a sense of home?”

In the face of recent adversity and a global pandemic, Mirchandani invites viewers into the inner sanctum of her psyche where she engages in deep self-reflection on establishing boundaries of renewed closeness with the self, with others and her surrounding environment.


Currently living in San Francisco, Mirchandani’s work includes subtle nods to her ties to the Bay Area, but also her upbringing in India. Some of her delicate pieces are inspired by those close to the artist, while others are self-portraits, utilizing bold blocks of color and gestural line work that implies the person’s identity, forming a universal yet deeply personal window into self-reflection. Some parts of her figures are opaque while others stay translucent, creating an air of the ethereal—as if her subjects can disappear completely at any moment. This unique element of the artist’s work gently reminds us of the fleeting nature of life. What is here today may not be tomorrow.

Throughout our current time of isolation, connection and intimacy have been re-evaluated. In this new body of work, Mirchandani beautifully (and rightfully) elevates the importance of authentic connection and human touch, as Rhodes Contemporary Art explains: “Not only does [the artist] depict the close relationships we forge for ourselves, but she encourages the audience to nurture the intimacy cultivated during these fluctuating periods of isolation and bring forth the displaced sense of kinship into the world once again, as each of us tentatively re-enter society with renewed hope, freedom and desire to connect with one another.”

If you are in the London area, be sure to make your way over to Rhodes Contemporary Art and spend some time with Mirchandani’s visceral work!

The exhibition will run from September 16 through October 16, 2021.




Images courtesy of Rhodes Contemporary Art.