Sara Hoque was born in Yorkshire in 1991 and graduated from Kingston University in 2013 with a 1st Class Honours in Fine Art. Since graduating, she has been living in London and she currently lives on a 40ft narrowboat cruising the waterways. Her ever-changing landscape influences a lot of her work and provides her with a wealth of inspiration. Hoque splits her time painting and daydreaming on her boat and her studio in East London.

She aims to capture a sense of awe and wonder through abstract landscapes of saturated colours and dream-like imagery.

Artist Statement:

My practice combines acrylic paint and collage with digital elements; which are manipulated to create visually appealing compositions with loose, abstract narratives. I enjoy blurring the lines between reality and dreams by mixing familiar imagery with vivid colours and unbounded forms. These surreal elements demand attention and transport you to other worldly places. I find inspiration in my dreams and my surroundings, both natural and man-made. By exploring the mixing of reality and altered states, I allow my mind to wander. Colour is a tool to capture the energy we feel when first confronted with something beautiful; that feeling of seeing something for the first time. My art is an escapism and a way to heal, through both the action of painting and absorbing the final piece.