2021 has been a year filled with new challenges, new growth, and new ways of doing what we love to do—sharing career tips and best practices as artists! We believe that, in order for our community to thrive, we must work together, collaborate, and spread the knowledge and resources we have gained during our own journeys.

So in this spirit, we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles we’ve shared this year that offer helpful strategies and tips to level up your art career and ultimately further your creative practice.

  1. Goals For Your Creative Flow
  2. T.J. Walsh, author of “4 Steps to GROW Your Creative Life”, offers an outline for artists to help set goals for their creative flow, including: Challenging, Recorded, Explicit, Affirmative, Time-Based, Inspiring, Valuable, Enjoyable.
  3. How To Find Art Opportunities Near You
  4. Alicia Puig answers the common question: “How do I find opportunities near me?” Focusing on seven helpful approaches, Alicia not only gives advice on where to look for opportunities, but also how to approach them realistically and narrow them down and focus on the ones that will truly serve you as an artist.
  5. 15 Essential Books For Emerging Artists
  6. These are the books that every emerging artist should have in their art library, which include guides about the business of art, art writing, honing in on your creative voice, finding the motivation to pursue your art even when the going gets tough, and much more!
  7. Approaching Galleries
  8. In this article, Christina Nafziger spoke with experts in the field—including gallery directors, artists, and curators—to ask their advice on how to create solid relationships with galleries and the best practices on how to approach them.
  9. Kat's Five Manifesting Practices For Artists
  10. Ekaterina Popova discusses the importance of a good mindset during the difficult times and shares a few essential practices that helped her survive some of her scariest financial moments.