Create! Magazine is pleased to share the work of Maryland-based artist Eric Robinson. This year, he completed a BFA in Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Robinson studied under the tutelage of the figurative painter, Miguel Carter-Fisher.

Artist Statement

Eric Robinson is a contemporary painter whose figurative works explore the relationships between the human condition, emotional clarity, spirituality, and sexuality through the use of oil paint. His recent works have revolved around the relationship between academia and students, looking to call out the injustices faced by those at the hands of educational institutions. Drawing from the people close to him, Eric works to capture their personalities while being conscious of their abilities to portray multiple narratives within the same subject. Photographing his subjects himself, he edits the photos to an industry standard, which he is then able to translate to his liking onto canvas. Eric’s use of rich earth tones in contrast to generally muted backgrounds allows the portrait to be the main subject of his paintings while giving an implied radiance to his subjects. His inspiration derives, in part, from the works of Andrew Salgado. Most notably for his use of figuration, color, and storytelling.

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