THE HURT STILL HURTS, 36 x 48 inches, acrylic and sodium bicarbonate on canvas

Zinc Contemporary announces a solo exhibition entitled ‘UNDER A HUNGRY MOON’ featuring new works by Sofia Arnold. The show opens December 2nd at 5pm as part of the Art Walk in Pioneer Square. Utilizing mediums of oil and watercolor, Arnold creates scenes that encompass a mishmash of intoxicated figures that dance and interact with creatures amongst lush foliage. Much of the series developed from her former life that existed on the fringe of society oscillating between feral and civilized, savage, and feminine. Born in Avalanche, WI, the artist studied painting and printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Art in 2010. She lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


“My early work was a narrative-driven exploration of intentionally isolated communities, inspired by my early life as the daughter of 1970s era “back-to-the-landers” in the unglaciated hills of Southwestern Wisconsin. The constant tension between the feral and the domestic, and the mundane details of carving out a life on the fringe remains a source of angst and fascination for me. Over time my working style has loosened and expanded while my focus has shifted to my own everyday surroundings and subconscious. I work quickly using a wet-on-wet technique to create lush, dreamlike scenes of half-remembered places. I pull from a rotating mental inventory of objects and characters that are clumsily recycled and often corrupted incrementally from piece to piece. I am trying to capture with paint what I see as the primal qualities of a place: the shifting sensory touchstones that confuse me about feeling at home, but also hemmed in and trapped.”