Introducing the intricate and beautiful work of Farnaz Mansouir, who paints strange and surreal worlds of fractured figures.


Farnaz Mansouri is a painter and Illustrator originally from Iran. Currently living in Phoenix, AZ , Mansouri has a master of illustration and bachelor of graphic design from Art University of Tehran. She has participated in painting and illustration exhibitions all around the world.

Artist Statement:

My artworks come from the journey that I have had in my life as a woman inspired by environment, society, architecture, and the mysterious eastern culture. Most recently, immigration has greatly influenced my art. The style in my paintings are heavily impacted by many elements of cubism. Such as synchronicity, simultaneity, different perspective, and collage. I use such features to narrate a story. My paintings consist of different layers, some are transparent, and some are solid. Each of these layers depict a story that resemble different aspects of my life. One of my goals as a painter and an illustrator is to create a world in my paintings in which the audience could relate it to their lives. I would love to be able to engage them with their deepest emotions for some time and have them see the world through my sight.