Create Magazine is pleased to share the work of Alex Belov, a photographer and traveler with experience of more than 15 years. The artist is a member of the Creative Artists Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists UNESCO since 2005.

The central style of Belov’s works is street, travel, and still-life photography, as well as different projects in the sphere of art and portrait photography. Belov is a participant and the laureate of several prestigious photo awards, the winner of the Silver Medal by "Metropolis" league, a participant of group and solo exhibitions in various major Moscow galleries including Solyanka Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Central house of the Journalist, and the State Museum of A.S.Pushkin, among others. The artist’s works are represented in Russian and foreign publications, as well as in private collections.

Artist Statement:

The life of resort regions is always clearly divided into two periods - a period of prosperity and a period of fall. The "blossoming" time always coincides with the advent of the tourist season, when everything around wakes up and transforms. But after the beaches and embankments are empty, the region plunges into a kind of silent, Falls asleep waiting of a new triumph. Triumph of color, light and bright emotions. Sometimes this expectation is agonizing, sometimes it takes the form of quiet concentration, but almost always it is very sincere and childishly naive. Imperfect, incomplete. This series is a portrait of quiet and intimate, in anticipation and silence.