Ceramicist Courtney Dudley recently launched Sudden Relics, a solo exhibition of sculptural and video work created during the COVID19 quarantine at Paradice Palase. This new body of work came about in response to the unforeseen changes we've all endured during the COVID19 pandemic, as well as Courtney's deeply personal story about the loss of her pregnancy at the onset of the quarantine.

Without access to her normal amenities, Courtney moved her artistic practice upstate and dug a fire-pit in her backyard. Relying on her own intuition, she developed an entirely new process-based practice -- utilizing pit firing and primitive techniques, while improvising with the materials she had on hand. Musing on themes of birth, loss, healing and transformation, the end result is an extraordinary collection of wall sculptures, fragmented earthenware, fountain vessels, and video art.

install_002_highres-min FINAL.png



install_003_highres FINAL.png