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Self-taught neo-expressionist painter Jammie Holmes has been making waves in the contemporary fine arts world. Fresh off a successful run at Art Miami 2019, and group shows with Band of Vices in Los Angeles and Keep Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Holmes will mount his debut solo exhibition in his hometown of Dallas, Texas at LMAK Gallery this spring. Additionally, he will showcase new work at the Dallas Art Fair (April 16-19, 2020) and launch a solo exhibition at Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans (May 2 - June 13, 2020), as well as a two-person show with photorealistic painter James Evans at GR Gallery in New York City (September 7 - October 4, 2020).

Mining the contemporary landscape of global events and societal ills, Holmes is becoming known for his energetic compositions that straddle the line between social realism and figurative abstraction, deconstructing reality to make room for a deeper conversation about the black experience in America and on a global scale. Through each of his canvas works, Holmes gives form to the untold narratives of marginalized communities, tackling issues of socio-economic identity, race, religion, and culture with unflinching honesty.

In his mission statement, Holmes refers to himself as "merely an instrument giving voice to those who can’t speak out against the injustices happening to them [and] those who have no choice or say in the matter. Whether reflecting on his own troubled childhood growing up in a poor Louisiana neighborhood, depicting the harsh realities for child soldiers in his father’s native country of Sierra Leone, or lamenting the tragedies befallen a people governed by corporate giants and special interest politics, Holmes' works touch upon dark subject matter, channeling raw catharsis and deep introspection into a fervent testament of strength.

Jammie Holmes counts RETNA and Rick Ross as fans. His notable collectors include Lenny Kravitz, Quality Control Records owner Kevin "Coach K" Lee, and Roots Manager & Live Nation Urban President Shawn Gee. His artwork has been exhibited at galleries across the US and Europe.

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