Symbiose des Quarks_100x96cm.JPG

Based in Marseille, France, contemporary painter Lucie Duban deals with the unseen, astral plane of existence and the common bond by shared by every living being on the planet earth. Pulling influence from her studies of quantum physics and cosmology theory, she transports views into a dreamy, meditative realm of vibrant hues and translucent shapes interspersed across an unresolved oblivion. Each scene depicts the intimate connections shared between individuals that give way to all energy and light, as opposed to the materialistic, tech-obsessed world of tangible conveniences we immerse ourselves in today. In all, her work gives form to what she views as “a mandatory revolution of the collective consciousness” and “a quest for shamanism”. Throwing cynicism to the wind, she presents a beautiful re-interpretation of human existence on planet earth, guided by dream, escapism, and idealism, divorced from the tangled web of excessive commodification our modern societies choreograph themselves around.

Text by Nathalie Levey

Le Bruit de Grenaille_96x108cm.JPG