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Credited with spearheading the Instinctualist movement, Iris Scott has garnered widespread acclaim for her innovative approach to finger-painting, elevating it from mere "child's play" into a formidable creative discipline. Switching out paint-brushes and palette knives for latex gloves, she imbues her work with energized bursts of locomotion, manipulating frosting-thick, globs of oil paint across her canvas. Utilizing as many as 100 different pigments within one painting, the end result is nothing short of dazzling & has won over legions of fans, social media followers, and art critics alike. Her works have been acquired by Microsoft, Coco Cola, Children's Hospital, and Swedish Medical Center.

Presented by Filo Sofi Arts, Iris is preparing to launch a new solo show, ‘Ritual in Pairing’ at High Line Nine in New York City this May. Curated by Gabrielle Aruta, the exhibition will serve as a celebration of nature's unequivocal beauty, as well as an exploration of behavioral instinct, the laws of attraction, and the process through which human beings construct their own identities.



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