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Street artist FUNQEST was born and raised in Gifu, Japan where he was inspired by anime and manga. Following a tumultuous lifestyle as a rock musician in his 20’s, he relocated to East Harlem and set his sights on a career in street art. Guided by a universal vision and his love for Buddhist philosophy, his canvas works and murals exude an eclectic swagger and wide-eyed fearlessness. FUNQEST’s intricate aesthetic draws influence from the Nipponese culture of his homeland, infused with a psychedelic twist that recalls geometric designs of the ancient Inca civilization and the Kool-Aid colored brilliance of the Africobra collective. Weaving in social commentary and personal mantras of empowerment, his distinct imagery speaks to the “solider of love” within all of us. FUNQEST exhibits artwork at galleries, cafés, and pop-up exhibits throughout New York City as well as across the US and Mexico.

Words by: Nathalie Levey


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