With his ongoing “Enthusiastic Consent” series, contemporary artist Andre Veloux advocates for putting an end to violence against women — stating that only “an enthusiastic yes” response is indicative of consent. His LEGO-based figurative works aim to challenge society’s traditional stance on gender and how we interpret images. Andre purposefully uses uses pixelation and striation effects to present the subjects in an indeterminate matter, playing on preconditioned need to identify gender in what we see, and challenging viewers to accept everyone for who they are, whether male, female, or non-binary.

Currently Andre is exhibiting numerous works from the “Enthusiastic Consent” series as part of his joint show ‘Deluxe’ at Krause Gallery with Bri Cirel, another contemporary artist whose work addresses feminist themes. Utilizing two drastically different artistic mediums and complimentary messaging, ‘Deluxe’ tackles how women’s voices and bodies are represented in art and media.