Over the past several weeks, I'm sure many of you have been setting goals and making plans for the rest of the year. Being strategic and intentional about what you aim to achieve in your art career begins with these steps, but there's also incredible power that comes from confidence and positive thoughts that your dreams will happen. As such, our team is excited to share with you 20 top affirmations specifically written for artists by community member Geraldina Khatchikian.

Per Geraldina's advice, repeat each affirmation at least three times. Choose a few to say to yourself daily or switch them up on a weekly basis. She also suggests writing them in places where they will be visible to you so it will be easier to keep them in mind. For example, she likes to jot them down on post-it notes and stick them on walls around her home. Or, another idea is to create a list of favorites from below and save it as the screensaver on your phone or laptop.

  • My art reflects who I am, speaking authentically to those who experience it
  • Every piece I make is created with care to inspire and connect.
  • My artistic journey is a life long adventure, and I am excited to see where it takes me.
  • I believe in my artistic vision, nurturing it with dedication and unwavering faith.
  • I am committed to constantly evolving as an artist.
  • I honor the time and effort I invest in my art practice, knowing it’s a labor of love and passion.
  • I trust that the universe supports my creative career aspirations, guiding me towards the right path.
  • My creativity empowers me to overcome obstacles and manifest my dreams.
  • Each piece I create is a reflection of my growth and dedication as an artist.
  • I let go of comparison and focus on my own artistic journey.
  • I release any fear of judgment and fully express my creativity without limitations.
  • I am worthy of earning a living from my art and pursuing my creative passion.
  • I am worthy of financial success and I embrace opportunities to create wealth from my art.
  • I attract collectors who deeply appreciate and value my art.
  • I appreciate the challenges I’ve overcome as an artist, as they made me resilient and resourceful.
  • I am grateful for the support system that uplifts me and inspire me on my journey as an artist.
  • Gratitude fills my heart, creating space for joy, creativity and fulfillment.
  • I am grateful for my ability to create and express myself through art.
  • I am grateful for the art supplies and resources that allow me to bring my vision to life.
  • I am thankful for the unique perspective and imagination I bring to my creative work.

A huge thank you to Geraldina Khatchikian for collaborating on this blog post! Make sure to check out her artwork and you can follow along with her via Instagram as well.