Our mission at Create! is to showcase and support the work of contemporary artists from around the world. To that end, today we’re excited to bring you a list of ten international artists who specifically work with the medium of resin! The use of resin allows an artist to create depth, dimension, and a glossy, reflective surface. Building upon these distinct formal properties, the following ten artists utilize layering techniques and the balance between transparent and opaque to explore such themes as nostalgia, identity, healing, growth, and more. Read on to be inspired by unique and creative art.

Artwork by Emily Mullet

1. Emily Mullet

Emily Mullet is a mixed media artist based in the Greater Philadelphia region. She has a diverse artistic background ranging from ceramics to painting. In her current work, she collages screen-printed imagery between multiple layers of reflective resin. This use of resin adds depth with subtle shadows between the delicately cut layers of paper. Emily uses floral patterns and the female figure to explore themes of identity, growth, and human connection.

Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art with an emphasis in painting and graphic design from the College of the Ozarks in 2012. Her pieces have been featured in CandyFloss Magazine and her work has been represented in multiple galleries and shows in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

See a collection of her work via PxP Contemporary.

Artwork by Ava Bock

2. Ava Bock

Ava Bock specializes in minimal, reductive, and immersive works of art. Designed for interior spaces, each resin sculpture is a uniquely cast creation.

Here's a quote from the artist about her work: "While searching for a tangible way to process the physical and emotional effects of living a stress-filled life, I began to explore artistic expression. I showcase my journey with art by creating intuitive responses to the spaces inside and around geometric forms and shapes with resin, ink, and mica."

Artwork by Marc Scheff

3. Marc Scheff

Marc Scheff is an award-winning artist based in New York City known for his unique dimensional conceptual portraits in layers of resin.

In my work (and my life) I seek to reveal unseen layers. Contrary to our subconscious, my layers in resin are fully exposed and vulnerable. I work to reveal the authenticity of what we all hide. Each work is a new set of risks and potential rewards.

I obsess over materials, pushing them to work in unworkable ways.

Artwork by Betsy Enzensberger

4. Betsy Enzensberger

Betsy Enzensberger is a Southern California-based pop artist. Enzensberger was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Tulane University and now works from her sunny studio in Palm Springs. She has exhibited with galleries domestically in Los Angeles, Miami, Des Moines, Dallas, Charlotte, and New York, and internationally in Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Belgium, Hamburg and Byron Bay, Australia. Most recently, a set of three large-scale sculptures were acquired by airline giant Delta to be exhibited in a VIP lounge in Los Angeles.

Betsy Enzensberger has become quite well known for her realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of dripping, frozen treats. Resin looks like candy. It appears delicious and sweet. The shiny exterior has a wet, melting quality. Her Tragically Sweet series plays with the desires of everyone’s inner child. The lure of sweet, sticky popsicles artificially instills intense longing. The colorful confections practically beg to be rescued and consumed.

“Resin - I love it. It’s beautiful, sexy, mysterious. It’s also toxic, messy, and annoyingly exhausting to create. However, I enjoy the challenges that resin presents. There’s just something about it I can’t resist. If the process was easy, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Artwork by Olivia Bonilla

5. Olivia Bonilla

Bonilla is a Charleston-based sculptor who creates confectionary landscapes with cement and resin. She is currently represented by Miller Gallery, Art and Light Gallery, and Cerulean Gallery.

"My work plays with confectionary pop art—a twist on personal nostalgia and indulgence. I make references to sweets and toy culture, with an 80’s and 90’s retro flare. Conveying the never-ending cupcake in a “sugar coated” reality. Reflective of a world of over stimulation and re-appropriated ideas. Sprinkled pills, oversized diamonds, toys of an era, splashed with metal flake and a wet gloss finish. A combination of glutinous shinny landscapes revealing childhood colors of cotton candy blue and bubble gum pink."

Artwork by Santissimi

6. Santissimi

Santissimi is the Italian artist duo Sara Renzetti & Antonello Serra. Both artists studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. They began collaborating in 2009 and have since become known for their often disturbing sculptures of human body exhibited as specimens. The duo has participated in a number of American and European art fairs including Art Basel Miami, Context Art Fair Miami, and Scope New York. In 2011 and 2013 their work was featured in the Venice Biennale.

"We think that through the body of the work we can achieve the abandonment of the thought and the feelings that go beyond the measure of man, his distance from things, his loss. Like a leaf in the forest, among the leaves, without distinction to dial the mantle."

Jennifer khoshbin resin artist

7. Jennifer Khoshbin

Originally from Philadelphia, Jennifer Khoshbin (born 1968) studied Fine Arts and Sociology at the University of Texas, Austin, and the University of Kentucky. Khoshbin has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States, and her work has been featured in magazines such as Readymade, House Beautiful, Glamour, and Spaces, and in several art and craft books. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and their two children.

Artwork by Jenna Morello

8. Jenna Morello

Jenna Morello is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is equally at home painting large-scale, expressive walls as well as meticulously crafted sculptures. She mixes and matches multiple mediums to create nature-based, sometimes anatomical art that speaks for itself. Her work is sold internationally and her murals can be seen around the world. She has completed projects for such groups as The Ritz Carlton, The World Trade Center, Universal Music Group, Macy's, and The Super Bowl, and has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes.

Artwork by Keng Lye

9. Keng Lye

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye makes sculptures that feature three-dimensional animals painted within layers of resin. Follow the artist on Instagram for a peek into his magical and whimsical world. His work is inspired in part by Riusuke Fukahori, who the artist considers a great master of resin art.

Artwork by Jessica Dunegan

10. Jessica Dunegan

Jessica Dunegan was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1977. She received her B.A. in Sociology and Studio Art from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After working as a gallerist with internationally renowned contemporary artists at The Lowe Gallery and Lanoue Fine Art, she immersed herself in her own work and has been a successful full-time artist for ten years. Dedicated experimentation led to her unique process of painting in layers of liquid resin. Dunegan’s paintings have been exhibited and auctioned throughout the East Coast, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and Hubert Gallery in Manhattan.

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