Mona Lerch, Painting



Brno, Czech Republic
@monalerchwallart | @artmumsunited

Originally a dance choreographer, painting was not an obvious artistic path for her; however, she has been drawing inspiration from movement, emotions, and senses just as she used to do when creating choreographies.

Mona concentrates on abstract oil painting, watercolor illustration and she has also started experimenting with collages. She uses both life and work experiences to give shape to unique pieces of artwork that are characterized by elaborate structure and layers. In her paintings, she loves to combine natural elements with geometry. Her paintings are intuitive and offer space for the viewer's imagination.

Being a nature lover and a passionate advocate of ecological lifestyle, she digs deep into her fantasy to materialize her own inner world on canvas. Her mission is to create a narrative embodying the beauty we have around us that we forget to see and to break the boundaries between the body and mind.

In September 2020, Mona created a global collective of inspiring and powerful women artists of all kinds to celebrate creativity and motherhood. Mona believes that art has healing powers as it helped her to overcome postpartum trauma and anxiety. She believes that artists, and art mums, in particular, are extraordinary human beings who deserve to be celebrated. Art Mums United is an inclusive platform dedicated to all beautiful art mums looking for support, inspiration, and greater visibility online. | | Painting

Mona Lerch_I Promise To Care, Always and Forever_2019_oil on paper_30x40cm.jpg