Ann Miller Smith, Painting

Ann Miller Smith is a visual artist based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her art is created through a colorful lens and a love of pattern and texture. Utilizing painterly marks and gestural brush strokes, her art evokes intuition and expression. Bold and unexpected color palettes are a distinguishable factor of her work, as well as a continuous experimentation with new elements and mediums. Smith studied Studio Art at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (BA, 2021) where she was the recipient of the Dorothy Gillespie Scholarship in Art and the Ann Flack Boseman Scholarship. Her solo exhibition, “The Reach of My Arms” was featured in 2020 at Ann Flack Boseman Gallery.

"I make art to communicate my inner world, lived experiences, memories, thoughts, and emotions. I strive for my art to express the true me that is not held back by ego, perceived opinions of others, or my own resistance. I value the ability to explore techniques, materials, texture and depth to create something that no one else can create in the exact same way.

In the exploration of color interactions, layering of paint and mixed media, and the use of expressive and free-flowing brush strokes, my process allows me to reconnect with myself and share a story through my artwork that I hope others may feel a connection to as well."